S05E012, Endurance, Coming Up, 09.10.2022, Training for a Purpose

Avatar Steven The Dude | 07/10/2022

What's coming up in our next Endurance Podcast?

On this episode, we are looking at the idea of training for a purpose and with a goal.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Join us for Endurance: Sundays from 2pm!

Steven and Nathan



Hello and welcome to Endurance, your weekly spiritual workout.

This week's topic is Training for a Purpose and we're looking at the idea of having a reason to train both physically, and spiritually. I mean, we don't just train for no reason. We need to have a purpose, a plan and something to motivate us. Obviously in the Christian life that is our obedience to God. That is our love for for Jesus. In our physical training, of course, that might be a desire to keep fit, a desire to look after ourselves, or perhaps to train for a marathon.

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This is in fact, Episode 12, our season finale, our Grand Finale, although it might not actually

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