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Avatar Andy B | 16/09/2022

Let's Go!

The seas crash against the shoreline, and the shoreline gets claimed by the sea and it is the same in our lives – things come along to erode away at the very foundation of who we think we are.

When Queen Elizabeth II recently passed away, I will never forget being in our garage, having just arrived from I don’t now remember. I told the family. Jo’s first response was for her eyes to well up, and she shouted ‘No!’. I was simply lost with pain and grief because Her Majesty had a certain faith and, with her passing away, a period of uncertainty immediately dawned upon us, including a new Prime Minister. Much is going to change now.

But, it isn’t just about what may come next. It is also about what was, that is no more.

We always knew the Queen was there. For almost every single citizen of the United Kingdom, we know no other monarch as our leader. And, now, that has changed.

With King Charles III there is the certainty that I will see, in my life time, yet another change to the monarchy - as King Charles III is the oldest man ever crowned King, in British History. That is simply the way of life – things change, whether we want them to or not. And death is the one thing every single one of us is guaranteed to face at some point.

How we face it, though. That is key to how we live right now.

The Queen knew where she was going when she died. Her active, ongoing, very much alive relationship with Jesus Christ was very real to her, and very evident to any who heard her speak. She may have been our Queen for a time, but she also knew she was going to meet the King of Kings.

Life will change around us, but there is one certainty that never will: God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will, absolutely, never change.

While the seas may eat away at the shoreline; while life’s troubles may eat away at our confidence and peace, there is one sure person to look to for certainty.

So come join me standing on the Rock of Rocks. His name is Jesus. Queen Elizabeth II was my Queen. But she was, and is, my sister in Christ. Before God we are very much equal, and that is something worth celebrating.

Queen Elizabeth II was a woman who was willing to kneel at the feet of Jesus, and so am I.

I would ask you if you are willing to do the same as she did, and as she is doing right now.

Just a thought...

Andy B



So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

It's kind of a bit windy, but that's kind of the point my little thought this morning. I've just come out for a cycle. The waves, the waves are crashing quite hard and the shoreline. Over time it erodes and falls away, and the sea reclaims some of the land. But this has been going on for a long time.

In our lives, quite often, there are things eroding away at us, we feel like we just can't stand the test of time. But my comfort from the sea behind me, and the land I'm standing on, is there's still land to stand on. It may change, it may adapt. It may shrink in some places and grow in others, but they're still land to stand up.

If you're unsure about your future in your life, there is still Jesus Christ to stand on! We may change how we see Him, who we see of Jesus may change. But He does not. Unlike the land that erodes away, He is solid. He doesn't change. He doesn't erode. We may change, but Jesus doesn't and that's a rock. That's something we can actually stand on. It's more tangible and more quantifiable in my mind, than the, the rocks that I'm standing on right now, which at some point will disappear.

The certainty of a knowledge and a relationship with Jesus Christ, is He never disappears.

Just a thought.


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Written by Andy B


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  1. davidsdailydose

    17/09/2022 at 11:52

    I know the power of unsettling erosion all too well, brother. The waves keep coming, and will eventually wear the strongest person down. It’s a good thing this world is not our final home! By the way, I give a big shout out to you, and your ministry, in my weekly post (coming out about noon, your time). God Bless the Berry Bunch.

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