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Sometimes we just need to exercise a little less caution, and be a bit cheeky.

I once heard a great sermon from a preacher who was talking about how the Holy Spirit sometimes works in what appears to be a sneaky way. Now, I’d interpret that to mean that the Holy Spirit works in a cheeky way – sometimes the Holy Spirit does things we were simply not expecting.

And, sometimes, I think we could all do with a little more boldness. And, perhaps, even be a bit cheeky sometimes.

There was a huge pile of wood opposite the end of our driveway. I’d pointed it out to Jo. As a family who burns a log burner quite a lot through the colder months, I recognised that that pile of wood would be rather handy for us! I also knew that none of the local houses had chimneys, so none of the neighbours could make use of it. But, we could!

However, and quite rightly, my wife pointed that I couldn’t’ sneak over in the dead of night and simply liberate if from the grass patch where it had been dumped. It did belong to someone!

Upon walking home one day I spotted someone going into the complex that the grass belongs to, and asked them if there was someone I could ask. I felt a bit cheeky. This poor soul was, after all, simply a nurse going to see someone who was actually her patient.

I told her why I wanted the wood and she said she would try and do what she could. She did not sound hopeful!

But, a message came quickly back that she’d spoken to someone, and that the wood was ours if we wanted it. Moreover, that there was more wood we were welcome to that would be put in the same spot in the coming weeks.


So, if you see something you might need, just ask. You never know what the reply will be. At worse, it may be a no. But, on the other hand, it might actually be a yes.

I think, sometimes, God is actually waiting to see if we’re willing to ask for something…waiting for us to be just a bit cheeky and push the boat out a little with our prayers.

Just a thought...

Andy B



So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

Now in my garage at this precise moment in time, we have roughly six, ish, bags of garden waste. Now, we helped our next door neighbour. He's in his 90s. Quite an elderly chap, very nice, a sweet guy. But he can't really do the hedges. It's a shared hedge. It was about 25 feet, maybe 20 feet, 25 feet in parts, and it should be about 8 feet. It's blocking light from our garden. But it means he can't even see the sky from his kitchen. So we offered to help him, We said, well, look, we'll come round and it for you. So, on Sunday, we spent a couple of hours and we had a really good go and we've cleared about 40 foot of hedge. It's a very big hedge. Now he can see out of his kitchen, which is great. I feel really good that we've done some work for somebody else.

Next weekend, or the weekend after, we're going to do the front corner, and then he can see the sky from his lounge. The big bonus, for us is, we'll be able to wash our clothes and dry it for longer because the airer, the washing line, is kind of shaded by these big hedges. So, in a sense, we're helping him but in helping him it's helping us as well.

Now as we go into winter, we have a log burner in our house. It's double sided so it heats the lounge, it heats the dining room, some of the kitchen, some of the downstairs, the heat goes upstairs, it's amazing! And we get through quite a bit of wood. So we're always looking for free wood. And, so far, since moving here, it's what, 7, 8months ago, I've found zero amount of free wood.

But I remember one time hearing a preacher talking about how the Holy Spirit can be a bit cheeky. And it reminded me sometimes you've just got to ask, because you don't know. So I walked this morning, had to get some secateurs that are broken, I got them changed. I saw a pallet against a house, knocked on the door, asked them if I could have the pallet. Now, they weren't in, I'm gonna go back.

On a cycle I saw some logs that had fallen into the road, gonna go and pick up those later. They're in the road. That's good. And then, the other thing, was near our house there' some huge trees and we saw a massive pile of wood. And I said to Jo, that wood, that, that's good that. God wood. So I actually managed to find someone say can we have that wood? Yeah, yeah, take it help yourself don't want it. So we've got this load of wood.

Now some of that wood, I'd say about a quarter to a third, is gonna end up back at landfill. But we've got some good wood all because I was a bit cheeky and now we've got a bit of free timber.

It's worth being a bit cheeky sometimes and asking a question. What's the worst that somebody can say? Maybe a no? Maybe a yes?

Just a thought.


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