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Are you in a busy season right now?

There’s nothing wrong with being busy! But, when you’re experiencing a period of time with a little more to do than normal, don’t forget to take 5 and, in my case, make yourself a mug of tea and enjoy what you’ve already managed to get done!

Just a thought…

Andy B



So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. Not the greatest quality this one. But I'm doing this for point! Because what I've been thinking is this.

Quite often we can have busy seasons. And we can get so into what we're doing, we sort of forget about other stuff.

Now we've had quite a busy season as the BerryBunch. And that's great! And, at the moment, we are really busy, which is good, but I've just cleaned the cooker, and I've just cleaned the sink 'cos it was getting a bit dirty. Nothing terrible, just spend a little bit longer than I'd like you to it's clean. And that got me thinking a little bit garage, because at the moment our garbage, generally speaking, that's where the car is parked every night is great. It's a huge garbage. A big roof! It's really, really good!! At the moment you can see, there's quite a lot of wood.

That's yet to be processed. That's been processed, that's gonna be firewood. This over here, this is firewood as well. There you go, some more firewood. And that's just what I'm yet to do.

And that's the thing, sometimes we get so busy we sort of forget about stuff and don't forget when you're chucking stuff away that there are other people that might want it. So some of this wood we've got is from our hedges. They've not been touched for a while.

Some of it, actually, is from a tree across the way. They were cutting down and I asked them if they if I could have the wood. And we'll make some kindling out of that. I'll make some logs out of that.

But after all is said and done as busy as we are, and you've seen some of our busyness, don't forget to have a little break. And, if you're English like me, a cup of tea.

Just a thought


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  1. Beth Alisan

    23/09/2022 at 01:38

    It’s been a crazy busy day here and I’ve finally wrapped up the last of my evening chores and am sitting down, enjoying my cup of Earl Grey and listening to 2 minutes with Andy B.

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