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Avatar Andy B | 28/09/2022

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So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And this is part two about weather forecasts and wet faces. Because, in the previous one, we were thinking about how weather forecasts.

Well, it's a prediction of the future and we can never actually rely on it. We can even go to the lengths of using weather radars and it shows us where it's raining, but it never is going to be guaranteed where it's going to rain.

So I said, we need to be really careful about facts. Evolution is not a fact. It's just a theory. Climate change is not a fact. It's just a theory. So why have I got a part 2? Well, it's simply this!

When we look at a weather forecast we think, well, there's going to be clouds here, and there's gonna be rain there. We look at the pressure in the environment, and the weather forecasters will say, well, there's an 80% chance, or a 100% chance of rain likely in this area.

When we're thinking about meeting people for the first time, we might read a really good biography about them, when we meet them for the first time they are absolutely nothing like we thought. There's no authority or authenticity. Who they project themselves to be is not.

Now, Jo, and I, now have a Radio Show on Konnect Radio, and I got to meet Gareth Cottrell over lunch, who's the breakfast presenter. And I can tell you with absolute certainty, he's even nicer in person than he is on the radio. He's a really lovely guy. He's authentic. Who he is is who he projects himself to be. He is who he is. He is who he says he is. He is how he comes across. But, is that the same for you and for me?

I know for Jo and I, back in the day, we had quite a few interviews at different churches for jobs and they always said, 'You know what we love about you Andy and Jo, you're exactly who we thought you were'. Because on a CV, you can say all this and that. 'Look at how amazing I am'. But it isn't true. And actually they said 'The one thing about you, Andy and Jo', at every single interview we went to, basically, 'It's so lovely to meet people who are exactly, authentically who we thought you were from how you describe yourselves.'

As Christians we should be authentic to the gospel. We should not look like everybody else. We should stand out. And that doesn't necessarily mean that people will want to be near us. As Christians, we're supposed to be salt.

If you put too much salt in the earth, what happens, in your food, well, what's gonna happen is it's not gonna be very nice. So, you want a good healthy dose of salt. But if there's no salt, you can't taste anything. And, actually, it's very easy to go into the no salt category as a Christian because we just want to blend in, and then we can have a witness. I've been there. I know that struggle! But I also know as Christians we're supposed to stand out. A bit like having a bit too much salt, so there's something obvious there.

So, my thought is this, really simply. Are you who people think you are? Do you come across authentically or not?

Just a thought.


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  1. Beth Alisan

    01/10/2022 at 00:40

    A timely title to be listening to, Andy B, as the first bands of rain from Hurricane Ian downgraded to a tropical rainstorm have begun to move into our area. Appreciate your thoughts on authenticity.

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