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Every day we have to make decision whether to push ahead or pull back. It can be as simple as whether we rush into the car park for our daily work, or taking our time to letting someone take our place in the supermarket queue, or jumping in between two people who are arguing.

From the simple to the complex, we have to make these decisions.

Earlier, I went out for a cycle and got caught in the rain. I tried sheltering behind a tree as the rain was more horizontal than vertical. But, it didn’t offer me enough protection.

Eventually I made the decision just to push on ahead home which was just 5 minutes or so further along the road I was on.

In my case I made the right call – it rained for a good 60 minutes after I had arrived home. Much longer standing in the rain and I could have started to get cold.

But it doesn’t always work out like that – we often second guess ourselves to exhaustion wondering whether we should do something or not, and then beating ourselves up when it seems we made the wrong call.

And, yet, the best we can ever do is make the most wise, most righteous decision we can with the information in front of us. And, as Christians, that means praying, as well as working our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

We won’t always make the right decision. We will make mistakes. But, we can always learn to be more like Jesus, and more trusting of the Holy Spirit by seeking to listen out to His gentle voice, steering us along the road.

But, if rain is possible – take a rain coat just in case!

Just a thought...

Andy B



So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

Now, earlier today, I checked the weather forecasts and I decided to go out for a cycle, It's been a few days. A few things have kind of got in the way of the times when I, could, normally go for a cycle. So I went for a cycle this morning. It was okay. It was nice and warm, actually, surprisingly. Little bit windy, not overly gusty. But it was all good. Cycled to the sea, which is lovely. Had a little bit of time with God looking out to the sea and I could see some stuff in the in the distance. And it was like this wall of water coming towards me.

Knowing it was the rain, I got my bike and tried to cycle home as quick as I could. Unfortunately, the rain was quicker than I was, partially because there was an awfully strong headwind. And that stopped me from getting home as quick as I wanted to.

And then the rain began, and the wind increased.

So I'm cycling along and I'm getting a little bit moist now, thinking, well this isn't quite as much fun!

And then the rain starts to pick up.

And I spot some trees and think, well, I could shelter there. It's quite a sideways rain, actually. No, I'll keep going. I'm only five minutes from home, I'll keep going.

And then it got worse and worse until I'm I'm struggling to see through my glasses because of the water.

So I find a tree and I pull up, and I shelter from the rain. And I think, well I'm gonna rest here until the worst of it has gone.

And it gets worse and worse and worse.

At this point. I'm thinking well, it's warm rain, in fairness. But if I stand here much longer, I'm going to start to get cold. So I made the decision just to carry on home, four, five minutes up the road. And I get home I'm soaking wet. My t shirt is literally dripping. My gloves, if I squeeze them, water is pouring out. I got very very wet. Wetter than I've got for a very long time.

The tree sheltered me, a little bit. But at some point I had to make a decision. Do I try and wait out this storm? Or do I go home? Now if I'd waited, I'd be waiting, actually, I'd have been waiting for about an hour. That's how long the rain came. So I made the right decision to push on ahead!

But we have these decisions in life. Do we, do we, do we stay or do we. do we push ahead? And we need some wisdom? Where does that wisdom comes from and we can read that in James chapter 1 in the New Testament. It tells us that wisdom, if we want it, God will give it to us.

Sometimes we have to rest, and wait. And sometimes we've got to push ahead. Don't be afraid to have some boldness and just go for it and try. Sometimes inaction is tiring! I was getting wet and cold waiting. Pushing ahead was the right thing.

Do it boldly and do it constantly. But do it righteously and in prayer.

Just a thought.


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  1. davidsdailydose

    06/10/2022 at 11:56

    You’re right, Andy B. Sometimes we are “Impaled upon the horns of a dilemma,” as some sage writer once said. It’s important to make a choice in times like these—commit to a path and go for it!

    • The BerryBunch

      06/10/2022 at 11:58

      thanks David and, absolutely – inaction can be so utterly exhausting!

      which is why that passage in James 1 always bounces around my brain – about being like a wave of the sea tossed about by the wind…and i try not to leave decisions for too long so they don’t cloud my mind and confuse my judgement

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