S05E029, Trinity in the Wind, Part 3 of 3, Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 28/10/2022

Let's Go!

S05E029, Wind and the Trinity, Part 3 of 3, Andy B 2 Minute

In this 3rd part of this look at The Trinity, wind is the basis of the analogy.

Wind is really important to growing trees. All that pushing and pulling actually helps the tree grow stronger roots. Take away the wind, and the tree can grow only so tall before it falls over.

That idea of needing wind fro growth is at the heart of today’s Andy B 2 Minute Video because, likewise, the troubles of this world will come. But the Holy Spirit strengthens us; Jesus repairs us; God watches over us.

Also, if you haven’t already, go and check out the person who inspired this mini-series on the Trinity : God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - David’s Daily dose - https://davidsdailydose.org/ because David writes in such a way that is wonderfully accessible – whoever you are – and also wonderfully simple and deep at the same time. It is a rarely seen gift!

Just a thought...

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[00:00:00] Andy B: So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and I'm doing a three part series, inspired from David from David's Daily Dose. Go and check his blog out. I'll link to that. But he inspired one post, which led to a second post, and then a third post, which is today. And we're thinking about the Trinity. What, what is the Trinity?

[00:00:28] Well, the first thing to say about the Trinity is it's not in the Bible. You won't find the Trinity in scripture. What you will find is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which form what we describe as the trinity. So, although you went find the Trinity as a word, you will find the Trinity as God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit in scripture, throughout scripture. There before time was formed, there before the Earth came into being, Jesus hovering over the, the Spirit was there. God was doing what he was doing. They've always been around. They [00:01:00] exist outside of.

[00:01:02] Now I watched an experiment once. I saw, read up an experiment. And then they were using biospheres . If you're not sure what talking about here look at the Eden Project in Cornwell in the UK, and they've created these massive man made domes, within which they can grow an ecosystem, and that's what they do. I've been there. It's an amazing place to visit and to learn about.

[00:01:22] Well, they did some experiments with trees and they planted trees and they grew them. They nurtured them. They had the right water and conditions, and they were protected, and they found that when these trees got to a certain height, they'd just fall over and this baffled the scientists. We've done everything we can. What's wrong? Why aren't these trees staying vertical?

[00:01:43] And it's because they were missing an important element. Wind. And what was it they were missing about the wind? Well, nothing was pushing them from side to side, forward and back, and that would strengthen their roots.

[00:01:55] Thinking about the Trinity, that God is like the breeze. He's constantly [00:02:00] helping us to be stronger by making our roots sink further down.

[00:02:05] Jesus. It's like a change of direction of wind. There's no point being blown one way all the time. We need some change, and Jesus comes along and helps us point in the right direction. A bit like a weather dial,

[00:02:17] And the gusty wind? That I'll be the Holy Spirit, who catches, you off guard a little bit, but strengthens you ever more.

[00:02:24] Those trees in that biosphere fell over because they had no foundations. They didn't need to grow strong foundations. But as Christians, we need that firm foundation! And that's why as Christians, we don't go through life without the winds of change pushing and pulling us. But we do it and God allows it, to help us have stronger roots and a deeper faith in Him.

[00:02:44] Just a thought.


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  1. Alan Kearns

    28/10/2022 at 23:04

    This is my favourite of these three Triune God posts; I had never thought of the value of the wind quite like that before. Our trials are a bit like wind blowing us to and fro, but in Him our roots are strengthened. Thank you David for inspiring these posts, and Andy for writing and presenting them.

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