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In our home we bought, quite a while ago, a battery operated sensor bin. Put simply, you wave your hand in front of the sensor, and the in lid opens for you. And, we love it!

Some friends had one and, once we’d used their sensor bin, we knew we wanted one too. However, as is often the way, the engineering to keep it at a lower price, was not as good as the idea.

Eventually, our bin broke. It was trying but no amount of fresh batteries could make it work again. It needed something more than a bit more energy and oomph!

I didn’t think there was anything unrepairable inside as we could hear the motor turning strongly, and the lid was opening a little bit. So I took it apart and, after a little bit of effort -over a couple of days (to allow superglue to dry properly) - it was working again. Albeit better than ever!

When I had finished putting it all back together, there was a spring left on the surface, which I knew we didn’t need. That leftover part was no accident – due to how I’d repaired (and improved) the original design).

In our lives there are often things that God desires for us to have removed from our lives.  God does not accidentally leave these things to one side, because He is the Master Craftsman, and we are the products of His own hands.

So, when God is doing some repair work to you (which I’m pretty sure we will all have to accept every day, until the day we die) let Him decide what is needed, and what is not. After all, He hand made us; He personally designed us; He really is the only surgeon who can safely operate us because his work is always perfect.

Just a thought...

Andy B



[00:00:00] Andy B: So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. I'm looking off to the site cause I can't remember the side.

[00:00:11] It's Springs Bins and Sensors.

[00:00:13] Now we've got a sensor bin. I don't know if you know a sensor bin is, but let me quickly explain it to you. It's a bin with a. sensor. Doesn't get much more complicated. But when you put your hand across the front, alright, it to detect a movement of the front, the lid of the bin opens up nice and wide. It stays there for so many seconds. You can put stuff into the bin. You haven't gotta touch the bin to put stuff in it. We absolutely love it! We're very grateful to bin in Lizzie's house we went to a long time ago, and they had a sensor bin. Now we have one.

[00:00:41] It's one of those when you think, just open the bin, and then you try it for the first time and you think this is life changing. Anyway, leaving bins to one side.

[00:00:49] It stopped working quite a while ago. It wasn't working very well. You could put fresh batteries in, you could hear the motor was spinning very well. You can hear the noise of the door, the, the trap at the top trying to be opened, [00:01:00] but it was getting less and less open.

[00:01:03] Now, initially that's because the batteries would start to fade and as they faded, it wasn't able to open the the bin lid quite so much. But, over time we realised, do you know, these are brand new batteries. You can hear the power of the motor. And you can hear something grinding and trying, and it's not lifting this lid.

[00:01:21] So it got so bad that I took it apart, and I decided that I'm not gonna buy another one. I'm sure it's a simple fix. I'm sure it's just bad engineering.

[00:01:30] The idea of the engineering is brilliant! But here's the thing. Inside, there's a rod, that's attached to a motor. When the motor turns, the rod change changes. As it changes, it's sitting inside of something else, which then forces the bin to open. They're both made of plastic, which is a really stupid engineering decision, because when you get something that's plastic, and you put it under immense tension, and it's quite thin, it's going to break, and that's what happened with ours. The bin was not able to open because the motor was still good, [00:02:00] but the bit that the motor was turning was no good at all.

[00:02:04] So I took it apart. I fixed it, I glued it. I strengthened this little sheath thing that the motor sits inside, so that when it turns it didn't split and break. That was the funny noise that we were hearing. I used some cable ties, super glued those on, cut off the ends. It all works perfectly now!

[00:02:19] But I took it out a spring. We don't need the spring. I don't even know what it was for. We've binned the spring.

[00:02:25] Sometimes in life there are things we do and there's things left around. It's that classic thing with the furniture. This wasn't accidental. This was deliberate. That spring was not needed for it to work properly.

[00:02:35] But now I've taken the time to fix it, it's all good again, and that's what God does in our life. He takes things out sometimes that we just don't need.

[00:02:43] Just a thought.


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Written by Andy B


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  1. Beth Alisan

    07/11/2022 at 18:02

    Great food for thought Andy B. Lord, please take out of my life the things I don’t need and give me a willing spirit to say goodbye to those things. Amen

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