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Our sensor bin gets used often and, as it gets used, the batteries eventually get tired and give up their efforts. We put in hew batteries, or freshly recharged batteries, and it becomes all spritely once more.

Are you struggling with feeling tired all the time? You’re serving God but never feel the benefit of His refreshing and recharging?

Then it’s quite possible you’re doing something either in your own strength or against God’s will for your life. Either way leaves you feeling tired, worn down and fed up.

God ALWAYS equips us for the work He asks us to carry out. He will never trick us into doing something and leave us fending for ourselves – that simply isn’t in God’s nature.

So, if you’re tired and run down go back to God and ask Him what His plans are for your life.

Just a thought...

Andy B



[00:00:00] Andy B: So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. Now this is a little miniature series on our sensor bin. If you dunno what a sensor bin is, it's a bin with the sensor. You put your hand across the sensor, the lid of the bin opens, you put your rubbish in the bin and it closures all by itself, having paused for so many seconds. It's fantastic. It's life changing. Maybe that's a bit too strong, but actually we love it.

[00:00:26] I was thinking about hours because it got worse. And the thing is when the batteries start to die, you can hear it get a bit weaker, and it starts to open all the way, and then it gets a bit less and less and less the more you use it. And eventually it barely opens at all, and it shuts again cause the batteries are tired, they're weak.

[00:00:43] Is life like that for you? Do you feel like it's getting harder and more tired? You can't do as much. You can't last as long before you just give up and, and slump in for another tv?

[00:00:55] Can I encourage you to go back to Jesus?

[00:00:57] With our sensor bin we put a fresh set of batteries in. [00:01:00] Now it's amazing. It opens all the way up. It stays there for its allotted time, and it's brilliant. It's working, as it meant, is meant to do as the original maker would mean it to do.

[00:01:11] Are you tired? Are you struggling because you just can't keep going? Then you need to go back to the maker.

[00:01:18] In our case, the maker's instruction said, put new batteries in. How do we put new batteries in as people? Really easy! We go to God who's the source of every piece of energy we will ever need to do everything, this is the critical part, that He desires us to do.

[00:01:34] If you're exhausted and run down, and you just can't get through life, you're flopping in front of the TV 'cos you've got nothing left, there's every chance you're doing stuff that God isn't equipping you to do.

[00:01:45] Not 'cos He's being cruel, or you are not getting your prayers right, but because you're doing something that God doesn't wanna resource you to do, so you get more and more tired.

[00:01:55] There's a scripture that talks about how we can run like youths and we can soar like an eagle. How do we [00:02:00] do those things? It's when we put ourselves in to Jesus Christ, when we put ourselves into God's arms. When we draw on the power of the Holy Spirit.

[00:02:10] If you feel like my sense been does when the batteries have run low, go back to God. Put some fresh batteries in and, as Christians, that means going back to the source. A recharging station perhaps is what you might wanna think of if it's a rechargeable battery. We go back to God and He recharges us and makes us like new.

[00:02:28] So if you're tired, go to God and make sure you're not doing something that He doesn't desire for you to do, which is tiring you out.

[00:02:40] Just a thought.


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