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Avatar Andy B | 07/11/2022

Let's Go!

I sent a quick message to a friend. I’d fixed a bin. He was a mechanic, so I told him what I’d managed to do, with my own hands and some ingenuity (and some super glue and cable ties).

I also took the opportunity to check on how he is doing. He is a good friend, and someone who had given all for his country, and pays the price of that sacrifice today. So, I checked in with him – as I frequently do.

His reply was asking me about my 6th sense, because he was not doing great, and my message had come at just the right time. And, while I certainly don’t have any sort of a 6th sense, I am filled with the Holy Spirit and, sometimes, quieten my own thoughts enough to hear what He is trying to say to me. This was one of those times! 😊

When you hear those promptings let me encourage you to be gold with them, and do something.

If that voice is asking you to do anything the bible would not agree with, then that voice is not from God. Learn to filter that voice, recognise and ignore it – a bit like a spam filter on an email account; put it straight in the trash, and unsubscribe from future messages! It usually comes with confusion, anxiety, guilt or some other negative emotion (or something illegal or simply wrong!).

We have tremendous power in this life to do much good, and much harm. So, take a moment, and pray today. Ask God who needs to hear from you, and get in touch.

We may never get a reply – I regularly don’t. But sometimes I do, and that pushes me on to keep trying to reach out and encourage others.

Just a thought...

Andy B



[00:00:00] Andy B: So another Andy B 2 Minute Video, a little miniature car series going on. I was sat in a car park, a very large car park, and I've been contemplating and thinking, watching a little grey squirrel that shouldn't be here, mooching around the trees. It's an invasion from the us. Where's the red squirrel gone? Anyway, enough of politic, politics in nature.

[00:00:25] So I've been thinking today. A mate of mine sent me a message saying You've got some sort of sixth sense. You seem to know when. I'm not in a good.

[00:00:33] I don't have a sixth sense! I do have the power of the Holy Spirit, and this is a really good friend of mine. He's, he's helped me out of a bunch of stuff. I've helped him, I hope in some things too. I don't have a sixth sense, but I do have the power of the Holy Spirit. And I have this urgency within me, this need to send a message.

[00:00:53] So I sent him a message. How are you getting on? Told him about a bin that I just repaired. He's a mechanic, a very good mechanic, and I sent [00:01:00] him this message. I fixed a bin. And he says, how did you know that I wasn't in a good place? The reality is I don't, but I have the Holy Spirit. And this is so important! When you have that urgency inside your heart to do something, and it'll take time to recognise, you need to understand that that is not necessarily your sixth sense. We don't have one. We can't read the future! Nobody can. Not even the devil. But the Holy Spirit gives us nudgings. He gives us urgings to do stuff.

[00:01:28] If that urging is against scripture, it's not the Holy Spirit. It's you or the devil. The devil can never read your mind, but the devil can certainly prompt us to with ideas only. Only God can read the future.

[00:01:43] So my sixth sense that I've, a lot of people have said, you've got a sixth sense Andy. It's not a sixth sense. It's called the power of the Holy Spirit. And, sometimes, I manage to quieten myself enough to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to me.

[00:01:55] So don't consider these things to be daft. We don't know how much of an effect we can have on someone [00:02:00] else's life. We don't know the power of an email, or a text message, or signal message, or a telegram message, or any one of the other 500 Messenger apps that we now seem to have on our phones.

[00:02:11] When the Holy Spirit prompts us to do something, there's two things that are important. One is that we do it. And the second thing is it actually helps us because we feel, feel peace, and then we do that, we help somebody else.

[00:02:22] You may never get a reply, but we don't know the power of the words that the Holy Spirit prompts us to speak.

[00:02:28] So be bold! Listen to the Holy Spirit. Listen to those promptings and learn to obey them.

[00:02:39] Just a thought.


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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    08/11/2022 at 00:04

    This is an unusual one, which certainly tackles a very practical issue that affects all believers. May we always believe His Holy Spirit and obey His calling in our life.

    • The BerryBunch

      08/11/2022 at 13:45

      I had another similar message, from another friend – a brother you know too, actually. He simply replied that it was good timing for me to email him to say I was praying for him.

      I’m just trying to be obedient – I’m still surprised when the timing seems to be so specifically accurate, but that just speaks more of the Holy Spirit’s ability to get my attention, than my ability to hear Him!

      Andy B

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