S05E037, You’re Greater Than You Think You Are! Andy B 2 Minute Video

Avatar Andy B | 09/11/2022

Let's Go!

There are always issues to face in life. Sometimes we can pretty much work them out as we go. Sometimes, we need a manual. Or, in the case of the new video editing software we’re now using, lots of time spent watching YouTube videos kindly made by others!

One of the problems with us as human beings is that we don’t like to embrace change everywhere. And software can be one of those things that we like to stay as it was.

As human beings, however, we were – each one of us – made uniquely, and deliberately by God. There was no accident when we were made. It wasn’t random. God made us with a purpose, and on purpose; He made us by the work of His own hands and that includes some of Himself in everyone of us, that we can see in the emotions we have.

We can’t ignore change – it can be good for us and is often necessary. But I do wish software could be - more frequently - rather more intuitive because it matters not how good it is, if normal people can’t use it.

I also think that sometimes it can be less about learning how to do something new, and more about unlearning something we already know. It certainly is like this when we come to faith; when we meet Jesus and decide to do things His way: it takes a while to unlearn what we knew, so God can upgrade the software of our minds to the latest operating system.

So, when did you last surrender yourself to Jesus to see if you needed any updates? Unlike our phones and computers, there is always an update ready to install. Aren’t you glad it always works, and never conflicts with that which is good; with that which is God!

Just a thought...

Andy B



[00:00:00] So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And, if you've watched enough of these, you may realize that every so often I do something about software. Not because I have a great passion or love for software, but because software, the stuff that makes the hardware, work. That affects every single one of us, whether we own a computer or not! Software and hardware is still relevant because we can use the software and hardware idea for our bodies. And the software, well the hardware is the body and the software is our mind. And sometimes we need God. So give us an upgrade on our software, because it's gonna be skewift. Maybe you've been installing things that you shouldn't have. You need to uninstall it and clean things out.

[00:00:46] That's not what I'm thinking about today.

[00:00:47] You are greater than you think you are.

[00:00:49] We've got some new software. I'm trying. I've been recommended this. It comes highly recommended from lots of places. You're watching a video right now and, hopefully, God willing, I'll have done it on the [00:01:00] new software. You can let me know whether you can see any differences or not. It's a bit scary.

[00:01:05] I've been doing video editing for about 15 years. It kind of was a bit of a hobby and something I needed to do sometimes. So it was sort of a bit more than a hobby. Used it in churches and stuff and, and now I edit videos for a radio station, which is some't I do in my spare time, so to speak. And our whole ministry is all around video ministry. It's all around videos and editing. We make videos ourselves, we edit them, and we publish them.

[00:01:29] You're greater than you think you are has relevance there? Because when I was on summit called the PAIS Project, in 1995, it was a year of school's ministry in Manchester. A prophecy has spoken over me. You're greater than you think you are. And I must have looked a bit dumbfounded because, in the end, this. poor soul had to say it three times. Nobody else needed it repeating, just me! Anyway, that's been rattling around my brain for a while. You are greater than you think you are.

[00:01:52] I am really, really struggling to use this new software. It's not like the software we've had in the past. Every one of the successions, and I think I've [00:02:00] used three now, they've all been fairly similar. You can work it out. I cannot work this one out. It's not straightforward. It is however, movie level quality, and it's free, which is brilliant.

[00:02:12] You're greater than you think you are.

[00:02:13] When you come across a problem that you can't face, you're greater than you think you are, because within you, when you follow Jesus Christ, you have the power of the Holy Spirit and He will help you.

[00:02:23] We will get to grips with this software. We will work it out Nathan and I. We'll find a way of making it work for us, but it's really hard work.

[00:02:31] Don't be afraid of hard work!

[00:02:33] Having God in your life doesn't make everything easy. It means you've got someone to help you through those issues as they come along.

[00:02:45] Just a thought.


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  1. Alan Kearns

    09/11/2022 at 23:14

    Wow it may be just me, but this looks like UHD quality!
    Good lesson as well Andy, which lead me to thinking this new software needs to be plugged in to work…just as we do with God!

    • The BerryBunch

      10/11/2022 at 12:51

      The quality of the video ‘should’ be better.

      At one level, it is the same recording equipment for both the sound and the video. But, the ability to use that recording is so much better now, because the new software deals with cutting out, and then adding in, the background SO much better…that makes it stands out more, and makes the quality appear higher.

      Which was my hope, so I’m chuffed with that feedback.

      Andy B

  2. davidsdailydose

    10/11/2022 at 12:06

    This is my second video to watch with the new software. The audio is a noticeable improvement. I can’t speak to the video quality, as I stream everything in SD—due to a cap on my internet usage.

    Thank you for the reminder that we are greater than we think we are, notably whilst 🇬🇧 doing the work God laid out for us. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that everything looks like failure in the middle.

    Drive on, Andy and Nathan. You shall master the video editing software!

    • The BerryBunch

      10/11/2022 at 12:53

      So thrilled it sounds better! By the time I’ve finished editing, it can be hard t really tell…I hope it sounds better is almost as strong as what I am actually listening to.

      Yes, we are mastering it. Were barely scratching the surface of what this software can do. But we have made it work for our needs.

      There’s a way to go before we’re really using it really smoothly, but now we’ve got the basics it can only get better from here 😊

      Andy B

    • The BerryBunch

      10/11/2022 at 12:54

      Ooh, by the way, if you click on the “download” video link, it takes you to our Vimeo account and, from there, you can select as low a quality as you need to.

      Or download it etc.

      Andy B

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