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We can treat life how we treat eating toast! We can take it all and shove it and hope for the best.

But there is a better way and, having a beard, has made me more aware of the need to bread my toast into smaller pieces; any of us would do well to break up our lives into smaller pieces too.

I’m reminded of the phrase, ‘Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.’ And I think that is ever more relevant. The fact we can load that toast into our mouths doesn’t mean it is a good idea!

We can be so determined to run the race, that we call fall before the finish line – or even just keep on going right past it and not realise we can stop.

So, take life a little slower, take it in smaller bites when you can - and try cutting your toast into triangles – it’s less messy!

Just a thought...

Andy B



[00:00:00] Andy B: So another Andy B 2 Minute Video, and I simply call this one triangle Toast. Toast isn't the most exciting of things, but most people around the world have toast in one form and another.

[00:00:17] When I was a little la I come home from a school, I go to my nan's house, my grandmother, who would look after me for a little while after school, and I'd have toast and I'd do it in a, in a gas grill. It was great fun.

[00:00:29] Now most houses have an electrical toaster. You pop the bread in and it comes out toasted. It's kind of exciting and cool.

[00:00:35] Don't fear it's not that bad.

[00:00:37] Triangle toast. Now, I looked at what's trending the other day and I thought about how my oldest son had had some toast, and then Jo had had some toast, and how actually I'd had some toast. But there was a second part to that story of what's trending. Because what I discovered was it was triangle toast.

[00:00:53] Now in the UK we have bread that's a little bit different from other parts of the world. I have, I now know, and it's kind of rectangular [00:01:00] and it's the perfect shape for a toaster. It's great stuff. It just, you know what's better than sliced bread.

[00:01:05] But, sorry, this isn't a bad Andy B. It's fine, it's more exciting. But I don't really have triangle toast because by the time I put some butter on and some jam or whatever, I, I don't really wanna cut it in off, I just wanna eat the stuff.

[00:01:18] But actually there's a lot of sense in a triangle into that toast. For one, I feel like a little kid, because it's the sort of thing that Jo does when I'm not very well. She'll make me some toast, and she'll cut it into little tiny triangle. She'll take a, you know, like a, like a tiny little triangle, like four triangles out of a piece of bread. Actually I'm a bit lazy. I just do it in half.

[00:01:38] But Steven had triangle toast. And then Jo had triangle toast and then I had triangle toast. And you know what, it makes a lot of sense 'cos it makes a lot of less mess with my beard, which is quite long now. I have to be aware of food. Soups are tricky. They're interesting to eat with a beard. But actually triangle toast makes life easy. And in life there are some simple things we do or can do, which makes life [00:02:00] much easier. Perhaps we don't think to do it. But actually, just like cutting a piece of toast in a triangle means it's a little bit smaller going into your mouth, you make less mess. Actually, there are things we can do to make life less.

[00:02:13] Sometimes we feel like it's maybe a bit childish, but do you know what? There's nothing wrong with being childlike in the way we approach life!

[00:02:19] Jesus makes that point in scripture. So triangle toast. How'd you cut your toast up? Do you have it as a big piece, or do you cut it into smaller bite size pieces? And sometimes in life, some of the problems we face are too big, and it's worth just cutting it into little triangles, taking little bite sized pieces and taking it one bite at a time.

[00:02:40] Just a thought.


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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    11/11/2022 at 00:28

    Who would have thought a post on triangle toast would have a good spiritual application? But it certainly does…well done brother.

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