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When we get involved in a project it’s quite possible for us to get so focused we can miss the most obvious of mistakes. That’s the reason why you’ll find the breakdown truck driver refuse your help when they load your car on to their vehicle – they need to make sure nothing has been left loose!

It’s the exact same thing with driving a truck – the only person who can ever ensure the load is secure is the driver.

I recently made some business cards for a time when I thought some networking might occur. It’s great to talk to people, but I wanted to give them something so they didn’t have scrabble for a pen and paper, or try and find the right app on their phones.

And the BerryBunch booklet business card was born!

They were hand made, hand designed and hand finished and we love how they turned out.

During the process we went through many versions until we were happy with the wording inside the BerryBunch Business Card Booklet. And, due to how focused I got while enjoying the process of creating them, I only changed the wording of the first business card of each page I printed off.

So I had to bin those and start again!

It’s worth taking a moment to always check our finished work is correct – especially when it involves words!!

And it’s the same with our spiritual walks with God. We can be going along quite happily, but having started down a road that is a dead end – purely because we didn’t check with somebody else what we may have read in the bible, for example. That’s where a good friend comes in – someone who knows the bible too, and knows us, and can help us see the error we may have made.

Just a thought...

Andy B



[00:00:00] So another Andy B 2 Minute Video and please excuse my cold. This coming weekend, as I'm recording, this is a Saturday morning actually. And tomorrow morning Jo and I are off to Manchester in the UK to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the PAIS Project, which is awesome.

[00:00:23] PAIS project is now a global project. When I started, in 1995 to 96, it'd been going for a few years. Obviously this year is 2022. And it was a schools work project predominantly. We went into schools, Primary Schools and Secondary schools, anybody from four to 16 years of age, we would go and do an assembly or a lunchtime club or a lesson. It was really. So that's the PAIS project. It's a really good thing.

[00:00:49] If you can get onto the PAIS Project where you live, highly recommend it. It's a fantastic year to give to God!

[00:00:55] A part of what I wanted to do is people say, what do you do? So we do the [00:01:00] BerryBunch and we've got these little tiny business cards. Now I'll put a proper photo on this one for you. But this is a business card I made and when I looked at business cards, it's quite handy. You can give it out, you can put your web address on. And I had this simple idea. You can see from the, hopefully from the photos.

[00:01:14] But I wanted a book. It's quite important, not just a little standard business card, but something that would stand out. We do graphics, we do visuals. It's important for us to look right.

[00:01:23] We spent as a family a good couple of days looking at designs, and wording, and all the rest of it, and what we've come up with we're really happy with.

[00:01:30] When I showed the final version of the family, it's yes, that's what we wanted to do.

[00:01:34] Here's the thing, on a sheet of paper, I've got five of these business cards. When we print it, you flip it over, you can cut it out. You have a business card. But I only changed the wording to the top business card. Then I'd copy and paste it on all the other ones, and I forgot to do that, and I printed out 50 of these cards with the wrong wording.

[00:01:55] Measure Twice, Cut Once.

[00:01:57] I didn't actually check that the wording was the same. It [00:02:00] wasn't until I actually finished the last trimming, and folding, and scoring, and all the rest of it, I realized that basically I had a load of stuff for the bin.

[00:02:07] In life, we can do the same. We can be so focused on something, we've forgot to check the details.

[00:02:14] We might see one thing that's right. We miss all the other errors.

[00:02:18] So my Just a Thought is simply this. If you're creating something, do double check and get a second set of eyes on. And, in our spiritual walks, when you're going for life, and you're doing something really interesting or amazing, get a second opinion just to make sure you are still walking the right path for Jesus Christ, and you're not making a silly mistake.

[00:02:37] Just a thought.


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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    22/11/2022 at 01:15

    Good advice…I am blessed in that I have some good brethren from all over the world that I can ask for advice and prayer. God truly is Good!

  2. Gospelroad#66

    22/11/2022 at 14:36

    Well done on getting the Berry Bunch business card done! Praise God 🙏

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