S06001, Endurance, Coming Up, 06.11.2022, Celebrating Progress

Avatar Steven The Dude | 04/11/2022

What's coming up in our next Endurance Podcast?

For our first episode of season 6, we are focusing on celebrating progress in our spiritual and physical lives.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Join us for Endurance: Sundays from 2pm!

Steven and Nathan



Endruance promo, S06E001

[00:00:00] Nathan: Hello and welcome to Endurance. We are back again with Season 6.

[00:00:12] As you can see, the background is different, and we've got some new jingles and stings in between the transitions. And so, for the first episode, we are looking at the idea of celebrating progress. So obviously we want to celebrate how far we've come. We want to look at how far we have progressed in our Christian journey, or in physical exercise in our training. But also we don't wanna just settle for how far we've come. We wanna keep going. We want to keep getting better, keep getting stronger, keep getting closer to God.

[00:00:43] So Steven is going to unpack this subject for us in a moment. Hope you enjoy this new episode, this new season, sorry, of Endurance.

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