This week Steven and Nathan focus on “giving it your all” in exercise as well as everyday life.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Go Deeper

For GoDeeper this week, Steven explains the need to give all your all, in exercise, as well as in work, education and the like. He then quotes Matthew 22:37 and encourages us to surrender ourselves wholeheartedly to God.

Steven points out that we can’t run flat out all of the time, and in much the same way, we shouldn’t give all of our money and time away. But we should use it all to God’s glory as it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31.

He also encourages us to say no to things we are unable to do, otherwise we run the risk of becoming busybodies. In addition to this, he touches briefly on avoiding distractions.

Go Do

For the final segment, Nathan asks Steven some interesting questions:

  1. How do we know how much to give?
  2. Could you define the meaning of the word “oomph”?

Watch this new episode to find out how Steven answered these questions.

Steven and Nathan



[00:00:00] Nathan: Hello and welcome to Endurance, your weekly spiritual workout. I'm Nathan, and this week's title episode is titled Giving It Your All. We're looking at the idea of giving all of our energy both in physical exercise and in our spiritual journey. But of course we can't always give 110%. We need times of rest.

[00:00:41] We need to consider how much energy we're giving so that we can distribute it among our various activities. Last week we looked at remembering on Remembrance Sunday. And for this episode, Steven is going to unpack this idea of giving your all, giving everything you've got in your running the race.[00:01:00]

[00:01:01] Hope you enjoy it. And obviously if you want to keep up to date with all that we produce here at the BerryBunch, then you can sign up to our newsletter by going to www.BerryBunch.family. Enjoy. And I'm Nathan.

[00:01:20] Some measure strength by the amount of weight you can lift. Others by the amount of blows you can take. But God measures strength by how much you are willing to stand for truth. #speaktruth.

[00:01:46] Jo: You'll never guess what. Dave the dog has his own show and it's called Dave Unleashed.

[00:01:52] Steven: Are we sure about this?

[00:01:54] Jo: Well, I'm gonna be there on hand. I'm gonna help him.

[00:01:58] Steven: What, [00:02:00] what mayhem are we to expect?

[00:02:02] Jo: Well, to keep him on track. He's got story time, he's got art time, so you know, and I'll be there to help him.

[00:02:09] Steven: What could possibly go wrong?

[00:02:31] So here we are for another GoDeeper with me, Steven. And this week, as Nathan said, we're talking about giving it your all. So in exercise, obviously we've gotta give ourselves, we've gotta, you know, put all our effort into it. If you are going for run or cycle or swim or whatever your preferred exercise, you've gotta give it some oomph

[00:02:46] And the same is in the rest of life. If you've got a job to do or studies or whatever work you might have to do, jobs and whatnot, you've gotta give your Give your all, put some effort into it. And Matthew 22:37 says this, He said to them, [00:03:00] Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

[00:03:05] That is giving your all. We've gotta give our all to God. We've gotta surrender all that we are to God, to serve him best. It, it is the best thing to do is to give everything that we have, all that we are to God and surrender ourselves to him. I've done it and so many people have also done it. And I think sometimes it's best to do it again sometimes cause we can drift off a bit, maybe lose our way a bit and so we can re surrender all that we are to God and commit our lives to him wholeheartedly.

[00:03:31] And I could stop there, but there's more to this than just giving of our all, cuz you can't run flat out all the time. So the calculation for your max heart rate is your age subtracted from 220. So my max heart rate would be 202.. And if I were to run for any amount of time at that heart rate, I would be knackered. It would not be good for me. And the same goes for like things like tithing or giving of our time. We cannot give [00:04:00] all of it all of the time. That would not be good. You have to. There's a balance to be had. So if you give all that you have, you're gonna be in shtook cuz this, it's just not a good idea.

[00:04:11] We should use all that we have, all our money and all our time to the glory of God without giving it all away, if you know what I mean. One Corinthians 10:31 says this, So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. So for instance, tithing 10% is usually a good amount to give away, but if you gave everything, you'd have problems. But even the littles that you give for like shopping or energy bills, tax credits, all that sort of stuff, whatever you are giving away, you can do to the glory of God. Cuz you've got to spend those amounts of money. Somehow, if you do it in the right heart, it's for the glory of God.

[00:04:49] And the same with giving of your time. You've gotta do boring stuff like shopping and work and stuff like that. And you do that to the glory of God. You can't [00:05:00] obviously give that to God in like church stuff. And there's an element of learning to say no sometimes, cuz a lot of people can get a bit caught up in church stuff, activities at church and whatnot, and they and they do too much. And that is not good as we said, you can't run flat out all the time. In the same way, you can't always be doing church activities, so you have to learn to say no, which is something that I don't necessarily struggle with. But others might in trying to say no to things that they don't need to do or can't do.

[00:05:31] And another point that we have touched on before is avoiding distraction. If you're gonna give all your effort, you can be distracted and then you won't be able to give all your effort. If all of this isn't necessarily making all that sense, it's cuz I've got cold, I'm gonna have to blame it on that. Like, the whole Endurance episode if anything goes wrong, even slightly wrong, it's cuz we've got colds. Yeah, we need to avoid distraction, which is something we talked about before on Endurance.

[00:05:51] So, so to conclude, to summarize all of that. We need to give our all, give our, all our effort into what we are doing. But we can't give all of what. [00:06:00] Let me rephrase that. Don't give all your money and time away, but do use it all for God's glory. That is giving it your all.

[00:06:12] Andy B: Two minutes a day can change your world, and in Just a Thought that's kind of what I do because I take the ordinary moments of life and think, how can this apply to faith, to life, to moving through this world with people around us? How can a tiny spider, or the handle of a microwavable rice pot affect our life and how can it help us learn something about ourselves and the world around us?

[00:06:36] So here's what I thought. Have you ever wondered what red flags, shredded tires, persistence, holes, dishwater tea, rice maker handles, tape measures, giant spiders that are not and stripy fabric all have in common? Well you're not alone. And they actually link wonderfully together, as you will find out in the book.

[00:06:55] I'm just gonna read this out from Reverend Johnny Douglas, who wrote the forward very kindly for me. [00:07:00] Just a thought is a collection of pregnant brain thoughts, but it's so much more than this. Andy reflects a determination, character and grasp of God in his loving purpose and wise ways.

[00:07:10] As we go through life there's all these things that go on, there's always exciting things of life, but actually it's the ordinary and it's the normal from which we can learn so, so much. Each little chapter will take you a few moments to read, but hopefully will get your brain working and ready for the day. Just a thought.

[00:07:47] Nathan: Oh, excellent talk, Steven. I liked your conclusion in particular. I mean, despite your cold, you seem to have managed to summarized rather well.

[00:07:54] Steven: Thank you.

[00:07:55] Nathan: Okay, so I was wondering how are we supposed to know how much [00:08:00] to give at any one time? I mean, you mentioned we can't always give everything that we have. We can't always give all of our income to the church or to missions or to other people. We do need some of it for ourselves. And in the same way, in physical exercise, we can't give all our energies to exercising. We need some energy for just day to day activities.

[00:08:19] Steven: Did I say that? That's brilliant. That's absolutely brilliant.

[00:08:24] Nathan: How do we, how do we know how much to give?

[00:08:26] Steven: How do we know how much to give? Very good question. Sorry. Brain fog is, is getting there. It's downloading. Well, we listen to the Holy Spirit and we pray about it. If you look at, for instance, on the subject of money, you take what you've got and you pray about it very simply. You look at it and then you follow the peace, whatever seems right, whatever seems peaceable.

[00:08:46] Nathan: Yes, of course. Cuz we, we don't want to be religious. We only ever give 10% of our income to a particular cause, a particular charity or particular church. We need to be flexible and do as you say, as the Holy Spirit leads [00:09:00] us.

[00:09:00] Steven: Absolutely.

[00:09:01] Nathan: And also just in case some people are not so familiar with slang, British slang, could you specify the meaning of the.

[00:09:09] Steven: Oomph? Okay. I dunno. A bit of oomph is you know, it's some energy, some life.

[00:09:17] Nathan: Enthusiasm.

[00:09:17] Steven: Enthusiasm. Thank you.

[00:09:19] Nathan: I see. Yes. Okay. So oomph for any of you who are wondering is basically enthusiasm or energy.

[00:09:27] Steven: And on that subject I also used in shtook, which means in trouble.

[00:09:31] Nathan: Yes, I was, I was going to ask as well,

[00:09:34] Steven: Lots of English slang today.

[00:09:35] Nathan: In shtook, in dire straits.

[00:09:37] Steven: Yep.

[00:09:38] Nathan: Okay. Excellent. So yeah, to conclude, basically we need to make sure we give everything to God, we surrender everything to God because we can't be, we can't give part of our lives to God and keep the rest for ourselves. We do need to give everything to use for God. However, we need to apply wisdom and follow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the guidance of the Holy Spirit in knowing [00:10:00] how much of our energy to give and how much of our resources to give in certain specific circumstances.

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