Something 4 Sunday LITE, Series 2, Episode 6, Light Always Wins

Andy B take a brief look at John 1 and why it matters that Jesus is both man and God.

Andy links up John 1 – and Jesus being the Word, with Psalm 33 and Genesis 1 v 3, and God making the heavens and the earth.

Jesus was foundational in more ways than one, listen to find out more!
In #GoDo, Steven & Nathan give us 3 challenges for the week ahead and share a couple of personal experiences to help us all to #GoDo and get deeper in our relationship with God:

  1. Go and read John 1. Nathan memorised, and he loves this piece of scripture – you could too!
  2. Steven encourages us to read Psalm 33 – it is brilliantly enlightening and spot on for today’s topic of light! In John 1, the apostle – John – references this Psalm and Genesis 1, so it’s worth seeing why.
  3. Nathan then encourages to #GoDo by watching the 2020 Light Party –

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