Slow Down

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Yesterday, God told me to ‘Slow Down’ and I remembered how God had spoken to my middle son, Nathan, some while ago, to ‘Chill out about it’. We created a picture with the message and laminated it and I thought I need a visual sign as well! I know the slow sign is made up (big thank you to my skillful husband!), but it’s a great way to remember what God has said to me.

I created this blog, simply as a way of recording my quiet times with God. I love having alone time with Jesus and try to meet with Him in this way every day and I have kept a journal over the last 19 years with varying regularity! As much as I like notepads, I think the blog is the way to go! I asked God for his advice on my journalling, which was basically poorly written, mostly illegible and just not working for me. So, journalling via Blog begins!

Getting back to the Slow Down message. I think God used my bad cold and cough over the weekend to start this process. At work today, I started by doing my usual rushing around the corridors and it was only 8 am. I remembered what God said and took it slower, it was so much less stressful and safer! I have a 40 minute commute to work and instead of staying in the fast lane, I slowed down to 60 mph, both on the way to work and homeward, it’s amazing how relaxing and less stressful life can be at a slower pace.

Thank you God for telling me to Slow Down and for helping me to actually put this into action.


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