Some BerryBunch Research and Development…take 2

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Today we’ve had one of our regular planning meetings.

We’ve talked through Andy B’s first book, that is being written as I type! We hope to publish that within the next month or so – we’ll keep you posted.

We’ve made definitive plans for our annual Online Christingle, Crafty Christmas and Light Party. We’ll ensure each video is published around 10 days before they to live, properly, so you can use them as needed wherever and whenever you are.

We’ve made and to start recording out brand new Series – Marriage Matters – where Andy B and Jo discuss and encouraging age all things marriage related, whether you want to get married, are planning to get married, are newly-wed, or have been married longer than us (we mark 25 years later this year). Our intention, and hope, is to strengthen Christian marriages.

We’ve got ideas to hold Andy’s book, so you can get hold of it directly from us, and we’re working on adding in the ability for you to be able to purchase Nathan’s amazing photographs!

And we chatted through much more, including the direction for Little Blessings Online and the next step for that project. We love how it has grown, and are super excited by what we think it should probably become for the future.

And we’ve chatted through, and are making plans, to make it even easier for you stay up to date, and make use of, the resources we make each

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