S03E001, Unanswered Prayer, Something 4 Sunday LITE

Avatar The BerryBunch | 17/01/2021

Something 4 Sunday LITE, Series 3, Episode 1, Unanswered Prayer

Steven puts today's S4S LITE in context - a golden bull, Moses, some tablets and changing God's mind.

Andy B explores Exodus 32 v 7-14 and digs into what God changing His mind is all about.

In #GoDo, Steven & Nathan give us 3 challenges for the week ahead and share a couple of personal experiences to help us all to GoDo and get deeper in our relationship with God:

  1. Steven encourages us read the whole of Exodus 32 for ourselves.
  2. Nathan suggests praying for a person or situation, for a week - or until the prayer is answered.
  3. Steven reminds us that God always hears our prayer, whether it seems like it or not.

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