Something 4 Sunday, Season 1, Episode 6 (Season Finale)

For the final episode of Season 1, Andy and Jo and the BerryBunch team, take the opportunity to look back on the very first season of Something 4 Sunday.

In Episode 6 – the final episode of Season 1 – we get to see some bloopers from some funny moments and even an aeroplane making it’s presence known!

Andy and Jo pick out a couple of their favourite clips, including Jo’s Teddy Bear Memory Verse, a Skit on The Good, The Bad and the Ugly; Jo shares how much she enjoyed Andy’s passion for the Bible and how she loved the analogy of a dictionary and a Bible and Andy shares how much he loved the Family Prayer time in a den, because it brought to life one way in which we should pray straight out of scripture – ‘ to go into a room and close the door’.

Andy and Jo also take the time to behind the scenes of Something 4 Sunday, Little Blessings Online and Daily Family Prayer, Live @ 4pm. You will see some great photographs and interesting props that are used during filming. And you’ll find out what’s coming up and when we’re returning for Season 2.

We mentioned a really helpful video about Bible Translations by Dr. Michael Brown from the US and you can find this here –

We’re super excited about returning for Season 2.

If you’re missing us too much, you can always catch other Season 1 Episodes of Little Blessings Online and Something 4 Sunday via our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram TV channels.

Andy and Jo and the

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