S02E003, Spend Time With God, In The Now, Something 4 Sunday

Avatar The BerryBunch | 11/10/2020

This week we’re looking at “Spending time with God – God in the now”!

Scripture Reading
Andy B reads the whole of the third chapter of Habakkuk – Habakkuk 3 v 1–19, from the New Living Translation (NLT).

Andy B’s Preachy-Teach
Andy B gives us the low down on Spending time with God and treats you to some happening words from the Street Bible. It’s the Word on the Street!

Family Prayer Time
For our Family Prayer Time, Jo Jo takes Habakkuk’s prayer - from Habakkuk chapter 3 - as a template for making her own to show us how we can use scripture to make our own, very personal, prayers.

This is the template she made up:

  1. Praise God
  2. Ask God for help
  3. God’s power
  4. God’s mercy
  5. God & creation
  6. How you feel
  7. Praise always
  8. God is…

And in prayer form, it became this:
Even though there is the Corona Virus in our world, and there is no vaccine or cure.
Even though we must wear masks on buses and trains and in the shops, and we must keep our distance from so many people.
Even though there are empty shelves and its difficult to get stuff from the shops.
I will still praise you Lord.
I find joy in you, my God, my Saviour.
You are Good, you protect me, you love me, and you help me.
You are all I need.

Memory Verse/Object Lesson
Get thinking about good stuff like Whatever is true, lovely, pure… as Jo uses thought bubbles to show us how to memorise another brilliant piece of Scripture – Philippians 4 v 8 ( NIV – 1984).
Finally, brothers,
whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable
– if anything is excellent or praiseworthy –
think about such things.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Episode of Something 4 Sunday.

Get in touch and let us know how you’ve got on with memorising your Memory Verse, Writing your own Family Prayer Time and anything else you’ve enjoyed getting involved with.

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