Something 4 Sunday, Season 2, Episode 5, Exercise isn’t Everything

This week we’re looking at how “Our Body Is Temple”, and yet that “Exercise isn’t Everything”.

1 Timothy is a power packed book in the bible with advice for everyone, but especially if you’re a little younger – at heart or in number of years!

Scripture Reading
Andy B reads 1 Timothy 4, v 1 – 16, from the New Living Translation (NLT). It’s a great book found at the end of the New Testament.

We love the NLT because it uses a simpler written language to bring the spoken word of God to life!

Andy B’s Preachy-Teach
Andy B looks at what it means to be Spiritually and physically fit and what the difference should mean for each of us as continue to Run The Race God has given each of us.

His trusty Street Bible comes out again, to help us understand what an earth this scripture is telling us.

Basically, physical exercise is great, but we can’t all do that. This doesn’t make ay of us less valuable. Because, we should all ensure we exercise Spiritually – more than we exercise physically.

Andy B explores this a little more for us.

Family Prayer Time
Jo Jo goes outside to a local park this week to look at Prayer Walks.

What are they?

Why do we do them?

How do we do them?

She leads us through this and an example of what to say.

Memory Verse/Object Lesson
For our memory verse Jo Jo gets physical again, with a skipping rope to help us memorise 1 Timothy 4 v 8a.

If you want a print out of the memory verse pages she used to memorise today’s scripture, you can get them, free (as a PDF you can print) from the website –

Found a cool song you can dance to! Follow this link:

Andy and Jo and the

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