S02E006, Light Always Wins, Something 4 Sunday

Avatar The BerryBunch | 01/11/2020

This week it’s all about light: Jesus is the Light of the World and the Light always wins!!

Scripture Reading
Andy B reads John 1 v 1 – 18, from the English Standard Version (ESV). The book of John is such an amazing book!

The ESV is Andy’s new favourite, because it translates the Bible into modern English, as closely to the original version as possible.

Andy B’s Preachy-Teach
Andy B looks at the Light of the World – Jesus.

John 1 leads us to Psalm 33 and Genesis 1: Let there be light!

Andy looks at how fear can overwhelm us, but fear has already been defeated by the Light of Jesus Christ; whatever fear we face, Jesus is the answer – because the light cannot be extinguished.

So no matter what issues we’re facing, we can trust that Jesus knows what it is like to be a real man, who walked on the earth – and loves us so much that He wants us to know the peace that comes from a relationship with Him.

Family Prayer Time
Jo Jo stays indoors this week, and actually builds a den with Peter, where the two of them lead us in some great ways of praying as a family.
It is wonderfully enlightening!

Memory Verse/Object Lesson
Jo Jo and Peter use the den he made for this Episode of Something 4 Sunday, once more, to help us memorise John 1 v 5.

If you want to watch our BerryBunch Light Party, 2020, you can view it on YouTube - https://youtu.be/nbUANX-fW6k

Andy and Jo and the BerryBunch.family

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