Something 4 Sunday, Series 3, Episode 1, Resolutions, Change and Psalm 25

Before we spring into our next episode in March, we launch a short episode to get us started in 2021! At the beginning of a New Year, we often set Resolutions to direct our lives, join Andy and Jo as they think about how God guides us every day.

Scripture Reading
Andy B reads Psalm 25, from the English Standard Version (ESV). This is a prayer for direction, for guidance and for protection.

David speaks again from his heart in prayer to God for help and for his guidance.

Family Prayer Time
Jo Jo gets comfortable in a favourite armchair and encourages us to use Psalm 25 in prayer as a family. Jo Jo gives us three options:

  1. Read Psalm 25 in its entirety as a prayer – taking in turns as a family to read the verses – it’s a prayer of Guidance.
  2. Write a prayer as a family based on Psalm 25 – a prayer in your own words, relevant for your own family.
  3. Read parts of Psalm 25 as a prayer – verses that are relevant at this time for your family.

Memory Verse/Object Lesson
Jo Jo shares a short and simple memory verse highlighting that God leads, God teaches, and God saves.

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