Stay close to God

2 Samuel 18 -19

In these chapters, the rebellious son of King David, Absalom is killed and David is very upset about this. Even though his son was trying to kill him, David was so sad because he loved his son and he knew that he was responsible, in part, for Absalom’s rebellion and subsequent death. And I thought I was finding it tough being a parent!

I find it interesting that Absalom stole the hearts of Israel to support him in rebelling against his father and when Absalom was dead, these same people pledged again their allegiance to King David. It goes to show crowds can be quite fickle; this reminds me of the story of Palm Sunday, when the crowds were rooting for Jesus, saying ‘Hosanna to the King’ and then later shouting ‘Crucify Him’.

I guess we need to stay close to God, keep to God’s moral standards, so that we are not swayed by popular opinion.


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