Stronghold Busting – Food

I’m taking a leaf out of the book of the Freedom in Christ programme:

I am currently running this course with my two older boys and we have been talking about Strongholds. We haven’t got onto ‘Stronghold Busting’ yet, but I’m getting some practice in with my battle with food! My cunning plan or stronghold Busting strategy is this:

As it takes 6 weeks to break a habit it’s a 6 week plan, starting Monday 13th August 2018, ending or being reviewed on Monday 24th September 2018:

  1. Hearty Breakfast
  2. Watch portions!
  3. Veg & fruit in between meals

In conjunction with these 3 guidelines, I will read again the book ‘Breaking the Stronghold of Food’ by Michael L. Brown with Nancy Brown:

Breaking the Strongold of Food, Michael Brown book
Breaking the Strongold of Food, Michael Brown book

I’ll see what happens and post reviews.


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