We continue this series of Sunday PLUS, taking a look through the book of Proverbs using a New Living Translation Bible. In this the second episode, we journey into Proverbs chapter 2 to discover the exciting words that can help us live better lives.

Dave the Dog struggles to understand why Jewish believers wear a box on their head and arm. Andy B, and Jo Jo, both try to help him understand that the box is called a Tefillin, and has 4 precious pieces of scripture from the Torah – the first 5 books of the Old Testament. These hand written verses are carried in the special box, out of respect for God at special times in the week.

You can check out some other ways of doing something similar – Memory Verses – on the BerryBunch website - https://www.berrybunch.family/resources/memory-verses/. We’d love to know how you choose to memorise scripture: Andy B suggests a few methods including using non-permanent pens on windows or permanent pens on jam jars; post its and teddy bears and many more.

Dave the Dog realises that he would not be using wisdom if he used permanent ink to draw a bible verse on one of his friends. Meanwhile, Jo tries to help Dave understand why painting black paint on windows really is not what Andy B was suggesting!

Proverbs 2 talks a lot about the importance of using wisdom in our lives and why we should treasure it so very carefully. God uses the bible to remind us how we can live our best lives here on earth; how to make good decisions and how to stop ourselves from doing bad things that might hurt us or others.

The BerryBunch with Dave the Dog

Dave the Dog 0:02 You allright? How am ya? This is Sunday PLUS. And that's Jo, and I'm a dog, and I'm Dave.

Jo 0:12 Yes, welcome to Sunday PLUS. We're gonna do Proverbs 2.

Dave the Dog 0:16 You said I could start it.

Jo 0:18 Oh, sorry. Have I muffed up? You carry on!

Dave the Dog 0:22 I think I did me bit now. What else have I gotta do?

Jo 0:26 Well, we're doing Proverbs 2. And it's the benefits of wisdom. So what do you think about that, Dave?

Dave the Dog 0:32 I think I'm glad me microphone aint got no sellotape! Bought me own. Got fed up with our sound, man.

Jo 0:38 Oh, very cool. Looks good on you.

Dave the Dog 0:40 You don't know when you take it off neither.

Jo 0:43 Yeah, Sunday PLUS. Let's see what Andy has to say.

Dave the Dog 0:47 Alright then.

Andy 0:50 So welcome to another Sunday PLUS. My name is Andy B. And we are the BerryBunch family. And we're taking these Sunday plus sessions. And we're looking at the book of Proverbs, which is rammed full of wisdom! All sorts of really, really good stuff. So what we're doing is taking one verse at a time, maybe two, possibly three, today, it's three verses, and we're looking at what that's going to say to us.

Andy 1:13 So, if you have your New Living Translation Bible, which is what we're using for this series, it says this in verse one and verse two and verse 12:

Andy 1:24 "My child, listen to what I say, and treasure at my commands, to tune your ears to wisdom and concentrate on understanding."

Andy 1:34 And then we skip down to verse 12, which says this:

Andy 1:39 "Wisdom will save you from evil people from those whose words are twisted."

Andy 1:44 Now I get very, very excited about scripture. Very excited about the Bible, because it's got everything we ever need for any situation in our life, whether we are 2, 10, 20, 80, 120 years old, the Bible tells us everything we need to know. And the proverbs are written by a really wise guy, who wrote down lots of wise things. King Solomon. Who we know is a really wise guy from the Bible. He was an amazing King.

Andy 2:12 So why have we looked at these couple of verses, well, "my child, listen to what I say, treasure my commands". I don't know, how much you know, about the Jewish religion. But if you take the Old Testament, the Jewish religion and how they function, even today, there's a thing called, I'll get this right, a Tefillin. May not be pronounced correctly, but it's Tefillin. And what the Jews do, there's a particular point at which they have a special box that goes one on their left arm, and one on their forehead, and it gets tied to the head and tied to their arm, which is near the veins, which is part of the process, and they take that from some scripture, from what they call the Torah, which is the first five books of the Bible. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Andy 3:00 In that book, it tells them to take those scripture and 'keep it close to your heart by putting it in your head, and on your arm'. So the Jewish religion, they literally get these four pieces of Scripture. They're all handwritten by special scribes. They're put on special paper, in a really ornate little box, and they put it on their, their arm and their head, at certain times of the week. And it's a reminder that the scriptures are really, really important. And there's something really, really good about what the Jewish religion does with that, because it's really good to remember scripture, 'cos Scripture tells us to speak it, to practice it, to let it sink into our heart. And the Jews do this in a particular way, which I think is really interesting.

Andy 3:46 Now, how can we do something similar? Well, you might want to do the same! You might want to take some specific bits of Scripture and write them down. For example, Proverbs, chapter 2, verse 1, which says this:

Andy 3:58 "My child, listen to what I say and treasure my commands."

Andy 4:01 Now, if you've got a non permanent pen, this is important, a non permanent pen, you could write it on the window. You could put it on a bottle or a jam jar. You could use fridge magnets, little, some little plastic letters with with magnets on the back and you can write scriptures out. There's loads of ways of you getting scriptures around the home, and we'd love to see what you come up with.

Andy 4:23 We've got some memory verses ideas, videos, on our website, which we will link to and you can go through there and some ideas of how you could learn scripture to and memorise it.

Andy 4:32 My favourite is the one with the teddy bears where you can you can take a look at that yourself.

Andy 4:36 Now, verse 1, "My child, listen to what I say treasure my commands." It's like a parent, a mom and a dad speaking to their child saying, I really want you to hear this 'cos this is really exciting and it's really good for you. It's like eating your vegetables. It's really good. You may not like them, but they're really healthy and really helpful for your body.

Andy 4:57 Verse 2, Proverbs chapter 2 verse 2:

Andy 4:59 "Tuine your ears to wisdom and concentrate on understanding."

Andy 5:02 Have you ever been sat in a waiting room and somebody calls out your name. You can hear all these other names and they don't really register. But you hear your name and what happens? You jump up, "Yep, it's me". Because you tune your ears for your name. And in the same way, we need to tune our ears to the voice of God. And how do we do that? Well, it's practice.

Andy 5:24 When Jo and I got married, I love watching her practice her new signature, because her surname was gonna change to mine. So she started writing, and practising, and seeing how do I want to write my signature. So she tuned herself not to write her old surname, but her new surname. So we have to write these things down and it helps us to remember them. And to remind us of who we are.

Andy 5:46 Let's skip down. Proverbs chapter 2, verse 12, says this:

Andy 5:52 "Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted."

Andy 5:58 Now, as you go through perhaps school, or you're in a football match, or whatever it is you're doing with other people, there's always going to be somebody, and know who this is, maybe it's you, there's always some of the wants to take you to do something that's naughty, that's bad, that's wrong. There's always that one person, the clown class, perhaps the joker. The person that likes to be the centre of all the fun and the comedy. But it's really easy for them to also pull you away from doing what's good.

Andy 6:26 'Oh, well, your mom's not here. She won't mind if you eat this food.' and 'well your dad's not watching so we can play this computer game.' And there's all these different things that people say. And it always sounds so, 'Well that's okay, what's wrong with doing that? It means we're with somebody'.

Andy 6:40 But what does the Proverb say? What does God's Word say? Well, it says this:

Andy 6:44 "Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted."

Andy 6:50 If we didn't think something was wrong, we wouldn't know whether to do it or not. And the Bible tells us that we know the difference between right and wrong. The Proverbs, when we study them, when we let them sink into our hearts, when we write them on the windows, or jam jars, when we write them out on our bedroom walls, on bits of paper, or whatever, that scripture starts to sink into our heart.

Andy 7:11 And there's another lovely piece of scripture was one of my favourite, which we'll put on the screen for you the proper quote. But it basically says, if you read any scripture, it's really, really good. Because it never ever goes away, and it always comes back as good! And this is the thing I love about the Bible. When you study it a little bit, or a lot, it always helps, and it's always beneficial.

Andy 7:33 So I hope you've enjoyed Proverbs chapter 2. We're coming to the end of another little session. Proverbs is amazing. The Bible is amazing. Get into your Bibles, read it. Let the Scripture take your heart. And let us see what ideas you've got how you're remembering scripture.

Jo 7:51 Wow, thank you, Andy B, that was good

Dave the Dog 7:53 Hang on a minute!

Jo 7:54 What?

Dave the Dog 7:54 You said I could do the introduction again.

Jo 7:57 Did I?

Dave the Dog 7:57 Ar!

Jo 7:58 Okay, well, you go on then.

Dave the Dog 8:02 What we gotta do?

Jo 8:03 Well, we're gona talk about what Andy just talked about. What did Andy just say? Can't you remember? Do you want me to carry on. Andy B's talking about the benefits of wisdom and how we can remember the wisdom, and, and hang on to it and he gave us some ideas didn't he, about how the Jewish people use the, the boxes on their arms and on their heads.

Dave the Dog 8:28 Why have they got a cardboard box on their head?

Jo 8:30 Well, I don't know if it's cardboard, but it was, it's small and, well, you can see it. But there are different ways that Andy was telling us, how we can you

Dave the Dog 8:40 Do they wear it like an hat?

Jo 8:42 Not quite, not quite. I'll have to show you picture some time so that you can see what it's like.

Dave the Dog 8:49 Alright then.

Jo 8:49 But we don't have to do that. We can, we can do other things can't we. Do you remember what Andy said that we could do, so we could remember the wisdom of the of the Bible?

Jo 8:57 We could ruin a window.

Jo 8:59 Ruin a window? What do you mean?

Dave the Dog 9:00 Well he said get some black paint and stick it on a window.

Jo 9:04 Is that what he said?

Dave the Dog 9:05 It's what I remember.

Jo 9:07 Oh, I see. Well, I think he was talking about putting stuff on the fridge.

Dave the Dog 9:10 Should

Jo 9:11 Yeah?

Dave the Dog 9:11 Well,

Jo 9:13 What?

Dave the Dog 9:13 If you draw on a fridge when it get a bit dirty?

Jo 9:16 No. He was talking about using magnets wasn't he. 'Cos the fridge, fridge is metal so it will, you can put magnets on.

Dave the Dog 9:22 Wouldn't work on my fridge.

Jo 9:23 Wha? What's wrong with your fridge?

Dave the Dog 9:25 It's what you call integrated. It's wood.

Jo 9:28 Ah, yeah.

Dave the Dog 9:28 I stick magnets on it and they fall off.

Jo 9:30 Yes, we know to do things to help us to remember the Scripture, and so we can be wise. And so what Andy was saying about it going in our heart, was'nt it, so that if we can, we repeat the Scripture and remember it, it will go into a heart won't it? Isn't that right, Dave?

Dave the Dog 9:46 Ar!

Jo 9:46 Ar. So what do you think of Proverbs 2 then?

Dave the Dog 9:50 I'ts good, that.

Jo 9:51 It is. Why is it good?

Dave the Dog 9:53 Chocked full of wisdom. Andy said so.

Jo 9:56 It's wisdom, isn't it?

Dave the Dog 9:58 I still don't get them boxes.

Jo 10:00 Well no. I mean that that's the thing. We can put, have boxes and we could put scripture in there couldn't we? But yeah, I know. It's different isn't it? Would you, wouldn't want to put a box on your head, or on your on your legs or anything?

Dave the Dog 10:14 I've only got a little head and I ain't got arms.

Jo 10:17 You've got a microphone on your collar. It's a bit like that really isn't? Putting something on your, you could put it on your collar?

Dave the Dog 10:24 I've got a little tag with a word on.

Jo 10:26 Oh, what you got on there Dave?

Dave the Dog 10:28 It's a secret. I'll tell you later.

Jo 10:33 So there's, that was brilliant, rob, prober, proverbs 2 wasn't it?

Dave the Dog 10:37 Is it Proverbs are proberbs?

Jo 10:38 Proverbs 2!

Dave the Dog 10:39 I thought it was me that had a problem with the talking.

Jo 10:42 Yeah, so I hope you've enjoyed that. And we can discuss that more. And we can read Proverbs can't we. We can carry on reading Proverbs 'cos there's lots to learn.

Dave the Dog 10:52 Proverbs is a good book. I'm still not sure about them boxes!

Jo 10:57 I know. I know. But it's just, we don't have to have the boxes. You can just put it, and you don't have to put stuff on your fridge. Where else could you put it Dave? You could put it, have you got somewhere in your basket. Or on a stick?

Dave the Dog 11:12 Me stick? Where's me stick?

Jo 11:15 Sorry about that. You use what you have to remember scripture. We all are different aren't we?

Dave the Dog 11:22 Can I write it on Burt's head?

Jo 11:24 No, I don't think that's a good idea.

Dave the Dog 11:25 Me mate Burt. I could stick it on with permanent marker, on his forehead.

Jo 11:28 I don't think Burt would be very happy about that.

Dave the Dog 11:30 Well, he wouldn't know.

Jo 11:32 He wouldn't know. How would he not know?

Dave the Dog 11:33 We'd all know and he wouldn't.

Jo 11:34 Ah.

Dave the Dog 11:36 Do it when he's asleep.

Jo 11:39 That's, that's not very wise, is it?

Dave the Dog 11:43 Be funny though.

Jo 11:44 Be funny.

Dave the Dog 11:45 I don't think that's very wise though.

Jo 11:47 No, no. Absolutely not!

Dave the Dog 11:48 that's me being naughty.

Jo 11:51 yes, well, I'm glad you realised that Dave. But yeah, that's Andy talking about Proverbs. So let's go off and read Proverbs

Dave the Dog 11:59 All right then.

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