Sunday PLUS, Proverbs 2

Tomorrow (Sunday 1st May, 2022) we’ll be hosting our second Zoom, LIVE, Family discipleship group of Sunday PLUS – which you are very welcome to join. It starts from 5pm (UK time) and lasts for no more than 30 minutes. They happen monthly on Sundays.

We’ll be carrying on with our look at the book of Proverbs, in the Old Testament, and what it can teach us: the first one, which we created following a request from some dear friends, went down super well so we’re looking forward to doing it all again.

As usual we’ll have Andy B, Jo Jo and Peter, with a little help from Dave the Dog!

The BerryBunch

Sunday PLUS flyer, V1
Come join us!
March 2022 – Proverbs 1 – Episode 1

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