Andy B starts us off with the brand new Sunday PLUS by opening the bible to the book of Proverbs, and the very first chapter.

The Bible is exciting and is full of all sorts of things that can help us live better lives and become more like Jesus.

The book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon – the most wise man to ever live, after Jesus of course!

King Solomon is perhaps most well known for telling two women who were arguing about which one of them was the real mother of a baby, to cut that baby in half. Of course, the real mother said no, while the imposter said yes. King Solomon had his answer!

Proverbs teaches us all we need to know gain both knowledge and wisdom – and the difference between the two.

The BerryBunch, and Dave the Dog

Jo 0:02
Hello and welcome to Sunday PLUS, my name's Jo, and this is.

Dave the Dog 0:06
You alright? My name's Dave.

Jo 0:08
Dave. Dave the Dog glad you could join us. Yeah, are you all right?

Dave the Dog 0:13
I'm not too bad.

Jo 0:14
Oh, what's wrong?

Dave the Dog 0:16
I couldn't stop when I was in the taxi.

Jo 0:18
Couldn't stop? What do you wanna stop for?

Dave the Dog 0:21
For a tree?

Jo 0:22
For a tree.

Dave the Dog 0:23
It was a long journey.

Jo 0:24

Dave the Dog 0:25
What's this thing in front of me face?

Jo 0:27
Oh, that's the microphone. Do you remember from last time, so we can hear your voice, yeah?

Dave the Dog 0:32
I remember the sound man stuck it to me face.

Jo 0:34
Oh, he stuck it to your face? Oh, well, it's not there now. It's just in front of you. That's better isn't it?

Dave the Dog 0:39
It's a better, ar.

Jo 0:40
That's better. Well, shall we get on with Sunday PLUS, 'cos we're gonna watch a video with Andy B.

Dave the Dog 0:46
Ar! Awseome!

Jo 0:47
All about Proverbs.

Dave the Dog 0:49
Rock on!

Andy 0:52
So welcome to Sunday PLUS, and this is our very, very first one. And I'm super excited. I hope you are too, because we're going to take the book of Proverbs, in the Bible. And we're going to work through the book of Proverbs, because it's an amazing book, full of all sorts of things.

Andy 1:09
Now, who wrote the book of Proverbs? Well it was a man called King Solomon. Now, King Solomon was a super intelligent guy. He was the wisest man ever to live on the earth. And he wrote three books in the Bible. He wrote the book of Proverbs. He wrote the book of Ecclesiastes, and he wrote the Book of Song of Songs.

Andy 1:30
Now, the book of Proverbs we're going to look at. It's all sorts of wisdom.

Andy 1:34
The Book of Ecclesiastes is called all sorts of stuff in there. Probably best known, because, there's a time for everything, which is one of the parts of Ecclesiastes.

Andy 1:44
And the Book of Song of Songs, which is all about marriage. It's about how to be married, how to think about getting married, and how to be married.

Andy 1:52
Now, Proverbs! Why is Solomon such an amazing guy? Well, here's the one story of King Solomon which amazes me, sounds a bit icky, but it's all good.

Andy 2:02
So, King Solomon is the king, and two women come to him and say, this, same child, this is my baby. And the other woman says, no, no, this is my baby. And King Solomon's gotta decide, well, which one of these two women, who both say this child is their baby, which one of these two women is the mum?

Andy 2:23
And King Solomon thinks about this and says, Okay, I'll tell you what, you say that this is your baby. Yes. And to the other month, you say that this is your baby? Yes. I'll tell you what, get me one of my guards, with a nice sharp sword, we're going to chop that baby in two, you can both have half the baby each. One of the mothers goes, yes, fantastic. Give me my half a child. The Other Mother says, let her have the child. King Solomon knew that that was the mother.

Andy 2:50
It sounds a bit icky and gruesome, but King Solomon was a man of wisdom. He knew how to solve problems, because he knew about wisdom. Now, in our everyday life, we've all got stuff that we learn. We learn how to tie a pair of shoes, or we learn how to drink from a cup. You may not remember that one. You were probably quite small, but we learn how to do stuff. And we get in our minds, all these bits of knowledge, this information, and it all goes into our head. So we know loads, and loads of stuff. But this is where the book of Proverbs comes in. Because while it's good to have lots of knowledge, it's better to have wisdom.

Andy 3:32
Knowledge is knowing how to drink out of a cup.

Andy 3:35
Wisdom is knowing when to drink out of a cup, for example.

Andy 3:40
Now what we're gonna do is we're going to take 1chapter for every Sunday PLUS, and we're going to pick 1, 2, possibly 3 verses to look at. And here's the verse we're looking at today. This verse, really, it kind of sums up the whole of the book of Proverbs, and why we need to understand what the book of Proverbs is. Whether you're 2 years old, 10 years old, 30 years old, 80 years old, even 125 years old, the book of Proverbs is exactly written just for you.

Andy 4:11
So let me start with verse 4 of the 1st book of Proverbs, 1st chapter. Now I'm using the New Living Translation, which is really good if English isn't your first language. It's also a slightly simpler way of understanding how the Bible is written, but it's a really good translation. That's the one we're going to be using for this series.

Andy 4:31
So, Proverbs chapter 1, verse 4 says this,

Andy 4:35
"These proverbs will give insight to the simple, knowledge and discernment to the young."

Andy 4:42
What does that mean? Well, it means whoever you are, or however young you might be, whether you think people are putting you down 'cos you're just very little, or whatever, the book of Proverbs was written just for you, and just for me,. But it also says that it's really important to know what the Proverbs are. King Solomon wrote down hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of Proverbs. Everyone is a beautiful little gem. it's a little diamond, or a sapphire, or an emerald, of knowledge. It helps us to know the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Andy 5:17
Let me go to verse 7.

Andy 5:18
"Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge. But fools despise wisdom, and discipline."

Andy 5:27
Now, discipline isn't a very popular word. Discipline, probably, if you like me means I'm getting told off! But discipline isn't about being told off. Discipline is about being made to do something the right way.

Andy 5:40
I had a friend one day he used to do weights. He used to do weightlifting in the gym. And he was quite good at various things. But he wasn't very good at weightlifting, because he wasn't getting it right. So one of the guys who worked in the gym came along and said, Do you know what? You're not getting this right. Can I just show you what to do? And he disciplined my friend. Now, he didn't shout to him. He didn't tell him off. But he disciplined him. He showed him the right way to go. And that is what the book of Proverbs does for everybody, for me, and for you. It helps us to know the right way of living our lives.

Andy 6:16
W hen we become a Christian. When we decide to follow Jesus. When we make him our special friend, what happens is, we need to know how best to be His friend. We need to know how best do we walk this life for Jesus Christ? Well, the book of Proverbs, is all about that! It shows us what to do. It shows us how to do it. And it shows us how we can be better Christians.

Andy 6:38
Now, why is the fear of the Lord important? Well, it's not good to be afraid of God. We should never be afraid of God if we're Christians! If we're a Christian, He loves us, we're his children, and you'd never be afraid of your dad, and you shouldn't be afraid of God. And if you are afraid of your dad, you definitely shouldn't be afraid of God, 'cos He's amazing.

Andy 6:58
But the fear of the Lord means this. When we have a fear of God, when we remember who is God, who God is, what is He, what has He done. He made the heavens and the earth. He deliberately made you, and H deliberately made me. He is the Lord of Lords, and the King of kings. He sits in heaven at the highest place. He is God.

Andy 7:18
When we remember who He is, we have a fear of the Lord, which means we understand who He is to us.

Andy 7:26
So I hope you're gonna come back for more as we think about, more and more, about these Proverbs.

Andy 7:30
Next time, it'll be chapter 2. This week is chapter 1.

Andy 7:33
I get very excited about the Bible, 'cos it's an amazing book. I hope you're gonna get excited too. But go off and read the rest of chapter 1, of Proverbs, and see more of what God has got in store for you.

Jo 7:48
Wow, that was awesome! Andy, they're telling us all about Proverbs, getting very excited about Proverbs.

Dave the Dog 7:54
That was good that!

Jo 7:54
So I am too!

Dave the Dog 7:55
That was good that!

Jo 7:55
That was good wasn't it..

Dave the Dog 7:56
I liked his waistcoat?

Jo 7:58
He looked very smart didn't read he?

Dave the Dog 8:01
Ar, he did!

Jo 8:02
Yeah, so let's talk about what Andy said then. So, he talked about King Solomon didn't he?

Jo 8:07
And, and a. and a happy man with a sword?

Jo 8:10

Dave the Dog 8:11
I didn't like that bit. I was a bit scared!

Jo 8:13
You didn't? Oh, were you frightened?

Dave the Dog 8:14
I was a bit scared about what he was gonna do?

Jo 8:16
Well, the thing is King Solomon had amazing wisdom, didn't he. And God gave him that wisdom. So he had no intention of, of hurting the children, the babies.

Dave the Dog 8:27
Him was a clever chap wasn't he?

Jo 8:28
He was. He just, he tested them? He was testing the mothers wasn't he, to see who was the right mother. And the one who cared the most, wanted the baby to be safe. I like that! it's lovely isn't it.

Dave the Dog 8:38
Ar, that's good wisdom that.

Jo 8:39
It is.

Dave the Dog 8:39
I had, I had a mate called Solomon.

Jo 8:42
Did you?

Dave the Dog 8:42
He didn't have much wisdom though.

Jo 8:44
What? No! Oh dear. Not like King Solomon then no, not at all?

Dave the Dog 8:49
Not really.

Jo 8:51
And so yeah, so what else did Andy say? He said about knowledge and wisdom. Do you understand the difference Dave?

Dave the Dog 8:59
Not really?

Jo 9:00
you went all quiet on me! So knowledge, he was saying, wasn't it, it was like we learn how to drink don't we. We drink from from a cup.

Jo 9:08
I don't have a cup cos I aint got fingers.

Jo 9:10
No, you don't.

Dave the Dog 9:11
We're back there again, aye we.

Jo 9:13
Oh, sorry

Dave the Dog 9:14
You're doggist, you am!

Jo 9:15
How do you drink? You've got a bowl haven't you? You've got a bowl?

Dave the Dog 9:20
I've got a bowl, ar?

Jo 9:21
You've got a bowl, well, okay, what have you learned then? What have you learned to do? What about fetching your stick? What about your stick?

Dave the Dog 9:22
Where's the stick. I want me stick. Where's me? That's rude that!

Jo 9:31
Somebody taught you how to fetch a stick, didn't they?

Dave the Dog 9:34
Stick, where's me stick? Seriously!

Jo 9:38
But, is there a time when you ought not to get a stick like?

Dave the Dog 9:43
Where's me stick?

Jo 9:43
'Cos do you sometimes find that sticks are too big. And you can't hold them?

Jo 9:50
There's no such thing as too big a stick. Unless it's still in the ground.

Jo 9:55

Dave the Dog 9:55
Can't pull a tree.

Jo 9:56
Yeah, can't pull a tree.

Dave the Dog 9:57
Well, you can try.

Jo 9:58
If it's still attached.

Jo 9:59
That's Solomon did, my mate

Jo 10:01
Did he?

Dave the Dog 10:02

Jo 10:02
Tried to pull a tree?

Dave the Dog 10:03
He tried to pull a tree.

Jo 10:05
That's not very wise is it?

Dave the Dog 10:07
No, he was a bit silly.

Jo 10:10
So Proverbs helps us in life, doesn't it. And it'll help your friend Solomon. Maybe he should read Proverbs, do you think?

Jo 10:17
I don't think he can read neither.

Jo 10:19
Oh right. Oh well, well you could read Proverbs to him. Would that help him?

Jo 10:24
Ar probably.

Jo 10:25

Dave the Dog 10:25
Does it come with a Bluetooth? 'Cos I ain't got fingers.

Jo 10:29
Oh, no, that's true. You know you can listen to the Bible can't you, on your phone?

Dave the Dog 10:34
Ar that's what I do.

Jo 10:35
That's what you do.

Dave the Dog 10:35
Voice control.

Jo 10:36

Dave the Dog 10:37
Never works, but I keep trying.

Jo 10:39
So what else did Andy say? Andy also said Fear of the Lord didn't he, was the beginning of all wisdom

Dave the Dog 10:45
Ar, it's good that.

Jo 10:46

Dave the Dog 10:47
Not to be afraid of God. I heard that too.

Jo 10:49
Yeah, not to be afraid. What are

Dave the Dog 10:51
'Cos God's your friend.

Jo 10:52
What are you afraid of Dave? You're not scared of anything are you?

Dave the Dog 10:57
Solomon and a stick. He worries me that chap

Jo 11:00
He does does Oh, well. Yeah, the sword. that wasn't very nice was it.

Dave the Dog 11:05
Between him and Bob and Burt It's a bit scary sometimes.

Jo 11:08
Who's Bob and Burt?

Dave the Dog 11:09
There me mates.

Jo 11:12
They're not very wise friends are they? Are you wise Dave?

Dave the Dog 11:16
Oh, yes!

Jo 11:16
Oh, you're very. What makes you wise?

Dave the Dog 11:19
Me orange hair.

Jo 11:20
Oh, wow. Yeah, you think

Dave the Dog 11:21
i'm like Samson. Noone cuts me hair.

Jo 11:26
Brilliant. So yeah, Andy is helping us with proverbs. So I think we should go and read it, don't you?

Dave the Dog 11:32

Jo 11:32
Yeah, let's do that.

Jo 11:33

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Written by The BerryBunch


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      03/04/2022 at 22:17

      Thank you so much Alan. I was pretty nervous about this one! It turned out much better than we thought or hoped.

      Bible based teaching for children is the thing I absolutely love above everything else I ever do.

      It beats, hands down, the joy I’ve experienced of preaching to 800 people at Christmas and giving people the full Gospel Message – as good, and as valuable and rewarding as that was.

      It beats leading worship to many hundreds of people who were fired up for worship with a worship group of 20-30 excited Christian Youth on fire for Jesus behind me, as exciting as it was to teach the spend the day teaching about and leading the evening celebration service worship as much of a privilege as that was.

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE opening the bible to children and showing them the amazing Jesus.

      Today there was just my family and 4 others. It doesn’t get any better than that to me. It is my favourite thing!

      Numbers mean nothing to me with this. I know what they are, but it doesn’t matter. Showing children the excitement of the living word gets me alive in a way nothing else every does.

      Andy B

      PS Did I mention it made me excited?

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