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The really is one big family.

Like many families we have grown; since the BerryBunch Ministry began in 2020 we now have extended family hailing from many nations: England, Scotland, USA, Nigeria and Italy to name a few.

And, when we talk about family, we really mean it! This is not simply the Berry family creating something; it is something much bigger than one small family – all by God’s grace and provision.

So, if you enjoy what the BerryBunch creates – For Free, For All – then would you consider supporting us prayerfully, financially and by sharing our high quality, always free to use material with others who could also benefit?

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If you’d like to support our Ministry we’ve got two simple ways for you to do this – Patreon or

Patreon works by you signing up to a ‘Tier’ and financially supporting the BerryBunch Ministry on a regular, monthly basis. You can choose how long you wish to support, or not.

PayPal, on the other hand, is perfect if you would prefer to make a one off gift towards the Ministry that the are committed to – as an entire family.

Tier 1 – £5 per month

If you want to say thanks for all the free resources the ministry provide – For Free, For All – then this may be the tier for you!

£5 is a fancy cup of coffee, or a couple of cups of tea on the high street.

Our vision is super simple: Creating digital material – to encourage and inspire families, all around the world, in their Christian faith; supporting, equipping and resourcing the Church in it’s Global mission: for free, for all.

You’ll never have to pay for the materials we produce. But, if you want to help keep them free, and to invest in the Ministry, we’d love you to join us!

Find out more about the Advisory Panel that cares for the Ministry

Tier 2 – £50 per month

£50 a month is what it costs to keep everything available for everybody that has a need for the material produced.

£50 is the cost, per year, of running a couple of TVs.

The Ministry was created by the Berry Bunch family to resource and equip anybody who needs child safe, clean, bible based material.

All the material they created is available, For Free, For All – that is their heart and their passion, and they will always keep it free: you won’t suddenly discover a pay-wall appearing between you and our resources!

Find out more about the Advisory Panel that cares for the Ministry

Tier 3 – £150 per month

We have a ministry in the It is something God opened the door to us being a part of.

£150 is about the cost of running our website for 1 year.

To do everything that is needed for the Ministry to grow and thrive the Berry family have committed to serving God, by living by faith, and have done so since 2016 – creating material, editing videos, managing the website, speaking with the people who access the material in whatever way is best for them. And always seeking to find better ways of making ever higher quality material.

‘A workman is worthy of his hire’. Would you join us in support of God’s work?  Here’s how….

Find out more about the Ad visory Panel that cares for the Ministry

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If a one off donation is more what you’d prefer – to say thankyou – then is all you need.

A friend in the US wanted to use this option, but didn’t have a PayPal account, and wasn’t sure how else to support us since we’re in a different country.

They said that they found the process straightforward and simple.

Above all else, we’d value prayer.

This isn’t a pithy Christian cliché for us, but how we breathe!! We’re more grateful for prayer than anything else!

We love people praying for what we do and money is always something of a chewy subject!

Everything we do is, and always will be, free to everybody that wants and needs it. But there are costs involved for us, including hosting the Website, the website name, podcast services and the various equipment we use from mics, to green screens and lighting.

But we also know, from many years of ministry – and walking in faith for God – that some people also love to help other ministries financially, as well as in prayer and so we’ve created two different ways to do this.

The BerryBunch

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