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Let Us Begin

The really is one big family.

Like many families we have grown; since the BerryBunch Ministry began in 2020 we now have extended family hailing from many nations: England, Scotland, USA, Nigeria and Italy to name a few.

And, when we talk about family, we really mean it! This is not simply the Berry family creating something; it is something much bigger than one small family – all by God’s grace and provision.

So, if you enjoy what the BerryBunch creates – For Free, For All – then would you consider supporting us prayerfully, financially and by sharing our high quality, always free to use material with others who could also benefit?

If you’d like to Support our Ministry we’ve got two simple ways for you to do this – Patreon or

Patreon works by you signing up to a ‘Tier’ and financially supporting the BerryBunch Ministry on a regular, monthly basis. You can choose how long you wish to support, or not.

PayPal, on the other hand, is perfect if you would prefer to make a one off gift towards the Ministry that the are committed to – as an entire family.

The BerryBunch


Andy 0:02
Well, hello there. This is Andy and Jo from the BerryBunch. And we wanted to talk to you a little bit about who we are and where we are going as a ministry, which is kind of exciting.

Andy 0:11
So, we are far more than just the 5 people you will frequently see on your screens, whether that's mobiles, laptops, tablets, or TVs, whatever. We're all over the place with Social Medias. But we are far bigger than just to 5 of us. Actually, we are part of a massive family who support the BerryBunch and make it happen, from all around the world, including Tibet. I was quite surprised by that. Tibet, North America, all over the place, Scotland, who knew! Essex in the in England. We're English too so that counts. What have we got? Finland, Norway, there's, there's people who are apart of this from far afield. So it's not just about us 5 people.

Jo 0:47

Andy 0:47
And we actually have some't called the Council of Elrond, which is a group of people who help advise the BerryBunch Ministry 'cos it's much bigger than we are.

Jo 0:53
Yeah. And if you'd like to Support Us, and get involved, thre are three things we were thinking that you could do.

Jo 0:58
You can Share, or Like, what we do.

Andy 1:01
Super important.

Jo 1:01
Yeah. And get in touch with us, encourage us. Tell us what you think.

Jo 1:05
You can financially support us, if you felt that was right. We do have supporters that support us that way. 'cos obviously

Andy 1:11
And we've got PayPal or Patreon?

Jo 1:13
Yeah, absolutely. So you can pay in different ways. And we have people who who do that because, obviously, we want to provide this for free.

Andy 1:20
You can buy our books.

Jo 1:20
And buy the books as well.

Andy 1:22
Cheesy plug!

Jo 1:23
Because there's nothing worse than going to a website, and you want to get something, and you have to then pay for it. There's these, like paywalls that get in the way aren't there. We're not going to do that. Not here at BerryBunch!

Jo 1:32
And the last thing that you could do, and and I think the most important is to pray!

Andy 1:37
Always the biggest thing you can do is to pray for what we're doing.

Andy 1:39
We've seen some amazing opportunities, some massive miracles that God's done for our ministry, and for this ministry that's actually extending all around the globe, which is kind of cool!

Jo 1:47

Andy 1:47
From a little bedroom, one time, that's grown. So, yeah, become part of the BerryBunch family community.

Jo 1:52

Andy 1:53
We will talk back to you. Not at you, but with you. It's always good. But, yeah, get involved, get in touch and become part of the community and what God is doing through this thing that He has honoured us with, that we're doing.

Jo 2:04

Andy 2:04
Which is awesome.

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  1. davidsdailydose

    30/10/2022 at 11:51

    My wife and I support the Berry Bunch on a monthly basis. We consider it an excellent investment in eternity. Andy, Jo, and their sons are the real deal—ministers of the gospel who are worth their hire.

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