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It’s a great thought to seek to only give God our best. But we need to check whether giving God what we have, and making sure that is the best we can offer, doesn’t become assigning human values to what we think God will want from us. While grabbing some time with Jo, Andy B drove her to work. This meant they had some time together while Jo worked a half day, that they wouldn’t have otherwise had together. And we should want to give God our best. We should desire to set aside quality moments of deliberately set aside time with God, each and every day. But God doesn’t time how long we spend with Him. He doesn’t check which bible version we have open or if we have a bible open at all. He doesn’t verify whether our prayers are spoken, or written, or whether we’ve watched the latest devotion from an ordained minster before sitting down God for a set period of time. Because what God desires is our heart.