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Andy B is a champion multi-tasker. When you look after children, or the home, it’s just something you become quite good at! You also get very good at it, when operating a lorry mounted crane with 7 controls – and you’re using 5 of them at the same time – and while offloading an abnormally large item, with pedestrians who seem to be rushing to their own end, and ignoring any number of safety warnings, barriers and people you’ve put in place to keep them away from what you’re doing! That one might just have been more specifically a regular situation Andy B encountered as a truck driver – it may not something you’re likely to encounter when you’re popping to the shops! But, that multi-tasking skill is something we’ve all learned to do during Covid. In a family situation it can be a really useful skill to learn. But, in the workplace, it becomes less so. And when it comes to spending time with God, being able to multi-task becomes a real issue.