#TestimonyTuesday: 1,000 Posts – How did that happen?

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I wondered if this was a proper #TestimonyTuesday post. My family – rather passionately – told me that it was, so, here we are!

1,000 posts is quite a thing to celebrate, and it’s only because of God! So, enjoy some of the journey that led to the BerryBunch.family website and Online Ministry, and quite a few miracles along the way.

1,000 posts – how did that happen?

Andy B here (seems easier than writing in the 3rd person!).

So, how did we get to 1,000 posts? Well, let me take you back a few years to where it began!

Jo and I went into full-time ministry back in 2017. While I’ve always enjoyed doing something in local church life, the thing I most enjoyed is bringing musical worship to children, not just adults – by that I mean the sort of Holy Spirit filled worship that changes lives, rather than just works up a sweat.

I was later invited to run a Holiday Club by a group of churches: 40 + children attended those 5 precious mornings and we saw 90-95% give their lives to Jesus – Hallelujah!

When we introduce Jesus Christ to people – regardless of their age – lives are transformed, liberated, renewed, redeemed, and transformed some more.

That Holiday Club also gave me a taste for full-time ministry. This is a door that God later opened up, widely, and saw both Jo, and I, in full-time ministry for a local church.

When COVID hit the world, God moved us on again, and opened a door that saw Jo’s return to the Criminal Justice System, and the proper birthing of the BerryBunch online ministry around the same time.

If God opens a door walk through it confidently! And always be obedient to His calling on your life. If you’re getting it right, be ready to ignore the Job’s comforters who will always appear at your lowest moment. Just stick to what God asked you to do, and you’ll be fine!

For Free, For All!

Our motto is “For Free, For All,” and we really mean it.

We have no intention of ever changing that approach: everything you find on our website is freely available for you to use in your situation, whatever that may be!! It is built into our very nature to share what the Holy Spirit inspires us with.

However, making something freely available, well, isn’t free! Like, at all – it costs time, resources, effort, energy, money and more.

We pay for Vimeo (no adverts for your children to have to worry about when you’re watching a video on your website).

We pay for the transcription software that creates subtitles/closed captions for our international followers.

We pay for the website hosting.

We pay to produce and distribute podcasts.

But, God has always given us what we’ve needed for this ministry! Always!!

It is God’s hand that has enabled us to grow as we have, and to continue making ever better resources. And keeping it free for any that need it.

1,000 posts

1,000 posts have happened because God ‘provided where He guided’. And, because we were obedient to His call on our life. Our Ministry is a living testimony of His goodness and provision.

We’ve seen Him provide us with yet another miracle home we could never have got by ourselves – this one has a second reception room, which we use as a filming studio.

We’ve seen a green screen kit massively reduced in price, because it wasn’t new. Actually, it had never been opened or used.

We’ve seen specific gifts suddenly appearing – enabling us to buy a proper video camera for the studio, or for branded T-Shirts.

We’ve had regular gifts via Patreon, and God always seems to give us encouragement when we most need it – whether that is through monies needed, a kind word, an email, an uplifting phone call, a card in the post or someone using one of our videos or sharing it for use elsewhere.

Stay tuned, and let’s see what else God has in store for the BerryBunch.

We’re just thrilled that He still chooses to work through us and in us, and we expect things will get ever more exciting as we continue to walk where He guides us and provides for us.

So, here’s to the first 1,000 posts, and on to the next 1,000!

Andy B

Testimony Submission

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There is no minimum or maximum length and we may choose to make edits before publishing, at our discretion, to ensure it is as easy to read as possible.

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  1. davidsdailydose

    12/07/2022 at 12:06

    Here’s to 1000 more, Andy B. Make that 10,000! I am blessed to follow your family on your journey of faith and quality content creation for Christ. Hey, that was quite a use of aliteration! It just happened, brother.☺️🙏You’ve only just begun!

    • The BerryBunch

      12/07/2022 at 12:21

      Yes, some superb aliteration there…not an easy one to say several times 🙂

      Thanks for this encouragement – it means so much to hear comments like this.

      God is so good to us, far more than we could ever deserve.

      Much is still planned, with new things on the horizon (including some funky new little jingles which we’ve started dropping in to our videos to add a splash of something a little different).

      And, Family Prayer Time is back again with Peter and JoJo, this coming Sunday (from 0800 UK)…already scheduled to go live (we filmed it on Saturday).

      Andy B

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