#TestimonyTuesday: A Miracle Car, Part I

This week’s #TestimonyTuesday is from Andy as he recalls their first, free, miracle car, when his family most needed one!

Andy B is currently the bearded one from the Berry Bunch!

Read on!

A Miracle Car, Part I

We had sold our car with the hope of buying two cheaper ones in order to make life a little easier for us as a family. It didn’t work out at that time, though, as not long after we had sold it we had a number of unexpected, larger, bills that wiped out nearly all of the money we had just made from the sale of our car. We did manage to buy one car, but this was a much smaller vehicle that wasn’t suitable for all of us a family.

We were in desperate need of a car that could accommodate the whole family and, while we tried to make do with the smaller car, it was quite an unpleasant experience. Of course we prayed about it, but we didn’t have much hope of a solution.

We were unexpectedly contacted by a friend who wanted to give us one of their cars. They’d been able to purchase a brand new one, and the car they were giving us was one they’d actually bought brand new themselves. It was their daughter who felt prompted by God to offer us their car, so they did. Praise God!

It was a huge miracle for us as a family. We were utterly overjoyed and we kept that car for a good number of years, until we were able to use it to help us purchase a larger car for our family. And, of course, it was such a blessing to us to be able to easily fit in the car together at the same time.

The kindness of that family has never been forgotten. But it reminds us that God works just as easily through children as He does adults. He works through anybody who is willing.

Andy B

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  1. In the world people just don’t give cars away, but hallelujah in God’s family such things do happen! It is more than a car, it is a blessing/testimony that keeps on going producing great encouragement for His children. It reminds me of the widow with the small amount of oil…God blessed her and filled many pots with a miraculous flow of oil. It not only met her needs but blessed many of her neighbours too! What a marvellous God we serve Andy!

    1. Oh God is so good

      The family that gave us the car were also blessed because they got to see us using it on a regular basis 🙂

      1. Yup, that is God’s work…His blessings cover everyone involved in acts of faith.

    2. Part II builds on this one – that’s out next Tuesday 😁

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