#TestimonyTuesday: A Miracle Car, Part II

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This week’s #TestimonyTuesday is Part II of a mini-series about a 2nd free car that Andy and Jo were gifted. They’d had to suddenly scrap a car, were both unemployed and needed a car for interviews. Catch part 1, A Miracle Car, Part I.

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A Miracle Car, Part II

Jo and I had both lost our jobs, were being invited to interviews all around the country and we urgently needed a car to get to around to them. We had no money or savings, and saw no hope of meeting this urgent need.

I mentioned our situation to our pastor, who asked a church member to come and see us.

We had a car, but it was simply not working, wasn’t safe to drive, and we didn’t know what to do with it any longer. We couldn’t use it, had used up any money we did have trying to get it repaired and working safely again.

The man who came round to see us spent less than 5 minutes looking at our car, and promptly told us it was only suitable for the scrap yard. After that bombshell, he also said that he might know of a free car we could have.

However, our prayer had been for clarity about the car we owned, and to know, very clearly, what to do. After multiple garages and a sea of mechanics – who had no clue what was wrong with our car – this new friend found the problem immediately and positively stated we needed to scrap it. It’s worth noting that this chap wasn’t just a random bloke from church. He was also an expert mechanic, war veteran and taught personnel how to be mechanics for the British Army. Rather a useful guy to know, and a lifetime friend, and brother in Christ.

One phone call later and it had been arranged for us to be given a free car. It hadn’t been driven for a little while and, while it was in really good condition, it did need a small amount of work to make it road legal, including an MOT (an annual set of basis mechanical checks in the UK to ensure a vehicle is roadworthy). We couldn’t pay for it, and yet lots of work was done on our behalf to get it up to speed, and fast.

But there was so much more of God’s goodness and blessings for us. The pastor then also arranged for us to be insured to drive a family car – so we could stay mobile until the new car could be arranged.

It wasn’t just a free car we received that day. The car was an amazing gift that blew us away with God’s goodness and His attention to details – it was utterly overwhelming, and still is. The car kept us mobile for a good while, took us to interviews and even helped us to move house. It kept purring along wonderfully until we were able to purchase a replacement used car for our family, some years later.

We thank God for for the miracle of that car, and the kindness of the people who were all involved in arranging the car, the loan car and all those repairs. But, even better than that second miracle car, were the two sets of new friends we also made that day and a new found faith in God working miracles through people.

Andy B

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  1. davidsdailydose

    20/04/2022 at 03:52

    I’ve been given a total of three cars in my life. Each time it was God’s providence that made it happen. I’ve given two cars away, well I charged a dollar for one, and that was a good feeling too.

    • BerryBunch.family

      20/04/2022 at 09:33

      Thanks David, So lovely to see you both giving and receiving those precious gifts!

      It’s so amazing what God does. I’m always overwhelmed and baffled by what God does, how He does it, and when He does it!

      Andy B

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