#TestimonyTuesday: A Miracle Home

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This testimony is a miracle involving finding a new home, in really difficult situations and with limited time. Once again we saw God provide a miracle home for our family, just in time.

A Miracle Home

My family and I knew we would have to move out of the property we were renting. At the start of the tenancy, we were informed by the Estate Agency that the landlord wanted to take the property back to holiday letting.

Fortunately, I was headhunted for a new job which gave us the opportunity of moving out of this property before we were given the boot! Just one small detail we needed to find somewhere else to live!

In many parts of the UK it can be difficult to find suitable rented accommodation and we needed to find somewhere in a new, unfamiliar area, at some distance from where we were living – with limited funds, limited time, limited support, and to be honest, limited energy. Upon being offered my job, as a family we ran into some health issues, including family wide Covid, followed by my husband having Covid related health complications and then an unrelated, but serious, heart condition. We needed a miracle!

Our first opportunity to visit the area near my new job was curtailed by Covid, and we had just one more chance before the Estate Agencies closed for Christmas. We were up against it and almost did not make the trip because of health issues. We had literally just the one house to view, and we were naturally concerned that the house would be taken before we arrived.

The miracle home happened just as we needed it! We viewed the house, agreed as a family it was the right one, filled in the forms and applied. We heard the next day that the Estate Agency was inundated with enquiries for our house, but we got there first, even though the house had been on the market for some weeks and both the landlord, and Estate Agency, agreed on a first come first serve basis – which is not always the case. Phew!


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  1. Alan Kearns

    17/05/2022 at 10:26

    Now that is what I would call a miracle by the mighty hand of God! Excellent testimony Jo proving that Father God is still in the miracle business. Hallelujah sister!

    • BerryBunch.family

      17/05/2022 at 11:25

      I’m answering on Jo’s behalf this time – she has a cold: when we can’t do it ourselves, it becomes the best sort of miracle, doesn’t it.

      I love how God blesses us, and cares for us, and we can attest that, when it comes to housing, He has never failed us!

      We don’t have to strive for it, or to work at it at all – He just blesses us because He loves us, and that makes me feel a whole lot better about life!

      Sure, we need to play our part, but I love how God has done the miraculous for us with houses, so many times in a row now – this is our 6th miracle house in a row!!!

      Andy B

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