#TestimonyTuesday: A Moment with Our Creator

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Today’s testimony comes from Beth Alisan, and her blog, Lessons from a Lab. Her testimony speaks not just of God’s goodness, and God’s provision – but also God’s ever perfect timing. And, if you haven’t come across Beth’s blog, it is simply superb and I always enjoy finding out what God will want to say to me, next, so go check it out!

A moment with Our Creator: Psalm 72:18-19


Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvelous deeds. PSALM 72:18


Praise be to His glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen and Amen. Psalm 72:19

This month’s photos come from our mountain trip taken earlier this summer.  They are paired with praises from the Psalms that were dear to my heart during that time. For me, these scripture photos serve as a reminder of God’s protection and provision.  I invite you to read on to hear the testimony behind this photo journal entry.


Each year, I pack up my kids, my younger brother packs up his kids, my Dad packs up the boat, and we meet at a lakeside cabin for a week of fishing at a state park close to my older brother’s home. On the morning of our departure, the kids and I saw my husband off to work before loading the mini-van and heading north.

We drove through the mountains of our home state and neighboring state before reaching the state of my birth. It was on this final leg of mountain driving that our aging van put up a protest. Here is where God our protector showed His mighty hand. A sudden impulse led me to pull off the fast paced four lane highway to top up our gas tank which was already 3/4 full. When we went to leave the gas station, the van’s engine began to buck and the lights on the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I was able to maneuver off the road and back into the safety of the Sheetz parking lot. The timing was such that my husband was done teaching for the day and I was able to reach him immediately to trouble shoot the problem. As this was an unscheduled stop, I didn’t have a clear bearing on our location. A check of the GPS showed we were a mere 30 minutes from my older brother’s home.

At this point, God our provider showed the extent of his provision. He provided transportation in the form of my brother who dropped what he was doing and drove out to collect me, my kids, our dogs, and all our things and carry us to our final destination. The Lord provided roadside assistance through an annual gift from my parents that hauled the van free of charge to our designated location. He provided a reliable mechanic who gave us the final diagnosis, a fatally failing transmission, along with the cause. He provided time. Usually, our trip only lasts one week. This year it lasted an unprecedented two weeks, giving my husband time to shop for another vehicle. Three days before we were due to leave , the Lord provided a van within our cash price range, honoring our desire to remain debt free. During that extra week in the mountains, my husband’s school year came to a end meaning he could drive up to get us without having to take time off work.

To be honest, I experienced moments of intense worry and anxiety during this ordeal. In those moments, I had to make a cognitive decision to trust the Lord and focus my mind on praising Him for his protection and provision rather than on our less than ideal circumstances. In that place of praise, I experienced His gift of peace and comfort making this an unforgettable and cherished trip.

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(PS I post it here, but you can also go check out this testimony on her blog! – Andy B)

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  1. davidsdailydose

    19/07/2022 at 11:42

    I agree, Beth’s “Lessons from a Lab” is a must read Christian blog. Her stories are always compelling with a challenging biblical message. Thanks for sharing this again, brother!

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