#TestimonyTuesday: A New Job

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Living by faith is a pretty exciting way of living. In some ways I can’t, humanly, recommend it – not if you want to see money before it is needed, and are happy relying on your own abilities.

But, if you want to truly serve God, then stepping out for Him, quite frankly, is the only way to live! It’s the only way we should live if we truly love Jesus. It’ll be exciting, for sure!

Testimony: A New Job

Jo’s current job is one she loves. I can’t say what it is, for security reasons (it isn’t quite as exciting as it sounds, but still…).

Anyway, it’s a career she loved in the past and is one she loves doing.

Jo and I spent a number of years in full-time ministry. With Covid everything changed, including our employment status.

We resigned from a job which was truly awful – we had been quite tricked, sadly, into something that simply was not. We’ll leave that there. Suffice to say, it wasn’t one we stayed in for more than a matter of weeks. Some things are worth dropping like they’re hot!

But our timing was questioned by those that knew us. With 3 children is there ever a good time to quit your primary source of income, while the world struggles with a pandemic?

My response is simply this – absolutely!

We gave our lives to God, to follow Him wherever – and to teach us faith – a good number of years earlier.

We sought godly wisdom and advice from those we trusted, and they all confirmed our need to move on, urgently, so we resigned.

But, God – as only God can – already had Jo’s next job in place, before she even applied. It felt like just a matter of days before she was in her new job. And that job led her to being head hunted for her current role (which she adores).

Resigning also enabled us to start up BerryBunch – something that we’d found rather allusive to get going!

God’s provision is simply that before we resigned, He’d already gone ahead. Our resignation wasn’t a surprise to God. One brief call and it seemed like they were grabbing Jo while she was free and on the job market! Her special expertise was well needed and used, which was great.

God always goes ahead of us.

So, if He is leading you to do something that seems crazy, check it out prayerfully, and with trusted people. But don’t delay following God. His timing is absolutely perfect!

Andy B

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    • The BerryBunch

      08/08/2022 at 10:31

      God’s timing is never off, not even a little…and yet we still, much like the Israelites, questions how He does what He does.

      We see the evidence of His faithfulness…and still we question.

      Andy B

    • The BerryBunch

      08/08/2022 at 10:34

      Thanks Beth,

      We love sharing what God has done for us. He never fails us…so why do I still always end up questioning His timing or provision? I’m encouraged by the lives of the Israelites, who saw God and still wondered….

      Andy B

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