#TestimonyTuesday: A New Video Editing Computer

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I love how God cares for the specifics of our lives, and the level of attention to those seemingly small details is always something a bit more than just breath taking! And, sometimes miracles happen that we were waiting impatiently for. Sometimes, we may even have been waiting patiently. Not my greatest strength!

The BerryBunch

A New Video Editing Computer

The BerryBunch is a video resource creating ministry. We’ve been doing what we do for around 2 years, but always on something of a shoe string budget – with plenty of repurposing going on off camera. We’ve been blessed with the ability to purchase, or replace, all sorts of bits and pieces that are needed for what we do. But, and despite much prayer, we were never able to replace the computer that we had been using.

As computers go it was once very reliable, but it was also rather old. And, with technology, that matters. We really needed something far more up to date, and far more able to handle video processing and the rigours of what we do.

Now, we’re quite used to buying used machines, and upgrading them and we felt peace to try that route.

The replacement promptly machine arrived. And then, just as promptly, died. It happens!

But, it was at this point that the unexpected happened, because someone got in touch to say they wanted to buy us a computer for our ministry. I wasn’t expecting what came with it – not just any computer, but a video editing computer. This wonderful member of God’s family knew what would need to be spent, and was already prepared for us to order what we needed.

What struck me most, though, is the timing – after we’d already had peace to buy a used machine that died shortly after I’d switched it on.

I was, once again, reminded that all that god asks us to do is not necessarily going to turn out as we expect, so never fear when things seem to be going catastrophically wrong. God is still just as much in control as He was beforehand.

Oh, one more thing – and this is God’s attention to detail. We’ve spoken of a kind gift to help us buy a much higher quality video camera for our studio, quite a few months ago. We were given what turned out to be half the cost we needed. It didn’t quit cost as much as the help we’d been offered for the computer. The difference? Yeah, that paid for the other half of the camera that we needed to pay out, but really didn’t have the money for – it came in just before we needed to finish paying for it.

That’s faith. That’s life. That’s God.

I frequently quote Corrie Ten Boom – that this life is used by God to prepare us for the next. I absolutely, and emphatically agree.

God is good!

Andy B

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  1. Gospelroad#66

    06/09/2022 at 19:10

    Amazing brother! God is good and always provides what we need when we need it, sometimes in very unexpected ways. God bless

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