#TestimonyTuesday: A Slower Answer To Prayer, Part II

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This is the second part of our two part #TestimonyTuesday series on God’s provision. Last week our prayer was answered before we prayed it. This time it took us a little while to be ready for a miracle, and so God could hear our prayer.

This is the second part of a two part series. You can read “A Sudden Answer To Prayer, Part I” here.

A Slower Answer To Prayer

As a family we’re frequently in front of a camera, one way or another. We’d prayed for God to provide us the necessary finances so we could buy some BerryBunch t-shirts in the summer of 2021. We knew there was no way we could fund this ourselves. However, we also knew that they were important enough for us to pray for to an ever resourceful, and loving Heavenly Father.

To be honest, it took what felt like a long time for God to hear our prayer. But the timing on that answer is the icing blessing on the top!

We’d been wrestling (ok, more me than the rest of the family) about switching from using YouTube to Vimeo for displaying our home forged videos on our website. Vimeo means no adverts, ever! And, equally important for an online, video based, ministry, quality really does matter and they’re noticeably better!

That switch to Vimeo is ongoing, but very much happening – in the Spring of 2022!

It took me a while to obey God, but the same evening I finally relented and paid out for Vimeo, we got an email from someone saying they wanted to partner with us, and pay for 10 T-Shirts for us. I think I was more blown away by the timing of the email, and the wording of somebody – the other side of the world and who we’ve never met in person – wishing to partner with us. Such is the global family of God!!

We’ve often wrestled with how we sacrifice our time and resources to God in our Ministry – the BerryBunch. But the scripture that we always end up coming back to is that it “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

God’s given us a mission to do. And we’re doing it with God ever at the front providing for our needs as we continue to make bible based, family friendly material and resources!

Andy B

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  1. Alan Kearns

    03/05/2022 at 09:09

    Great testimony to Father God’s guiding hand and provision in His perfect timing. The greatest aspect of this is His confirmation that you are doing right in His eyes. Keep up the great work, I am sure He has more blessings in store for the BerryBunch!

    • BerryBunch.family

      03/05/2022 at 09:16

      Yes. Its really helped steer our minds to pressing on, with greater confidence.

      Need to order them (very shortly). I’m just letting people settle in with their first coffee at work first 😉

      Andy B

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