#TestimonyTuesday: A Sudden Answer To Prayer, Part I

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This is another two part #TestimonyTuesday miracle of God’s kindness, goodness and an answer to prayer that feels like it rivals Daniel, praying, and an angel interrupting his prayer time with the answer – before he had even said Amen and finished!

Next week we’ll share a Part II to this miracle and testimony of God’s provision.

A Sudden Answer To Prayer

We prayed, as a family, for a better way to film our BerryBunch material. We used webcams at the beginning of our ministry, and then moved on to using our mobile phones. But, and as good as our phones have been, they have a number of pretty big drawbacks and issues for filming more than one person at a time.

Our ministry is funded by us, so for anything ‘bigger’ that we need, we simply have to pray that God will provide for our needs. And He has done this many times over. There is no actual budget to speal of! We just pray and hope and trust, and the usually pray some more.

We prayed for a camcorder, or the money for one, perhaps 6 or 12 months earlier. It wasn’t a great prayer – I don’t’ think we felt like we had much faith, although we did believe in what we knew we needed for our ministry. We then left it with God knowing it was simply out of our control to make it happen in any way whatsoever.

Roll back just a few weeks, and I felt a sudden burden to pray for a camcorder, once again. And I did. It was a heartfelt prayer again, but still felt a little lacking on my part to be honest, as much as I meant what I saying, and believed God wanted me to ask Him again.

It was just a few hours later when we received a message from someone who told us that they had had a burden – since the day before – to help us purchase a new camcorder for our online ministry. I felt a little like Daniel when the angel interrupted his prayers with an answer – we were preparing to pray for this need, again, as a family!

We now have that camcorder. The additional miracle is that at the time of writing, Spring 2022, there are virtually no camcorders anywhere in the UK to buy. All the major retailers, and manufacturers, have none in stock, and nobody has a clue when anymore may arrive. But God clearly had a plan here too!

I’d researched which models we could use, down to 6 different camcorders. And then, after a little more prayer, and a lot more researching and checking, I found one of the exact models that I had confirmed could work for us, albeit at £20 over the Recommended Retail Price. In the present climate that’s beyond amazing!

God is good, and faithful

Andy B

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