#TestimonyTuesday: All expense holidays, while unemployed

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God loves to show off – just look in a mirror. He made you to be a little bit like Him, and He thinks you’re truly amazing.

See, I told you He likes showing off. There isn’t a single person who is just like you: God hand crafts us with purpose, and on purpose to be both unique and fully capable of everything He desires us to do!

Testimony: All expense holidays, while unemployed

When you’re unemployed, and desperately trying to find employment, the last thing on your mind is a holiday. Although, actually, it is often very needed – because unemployment has to be one of the single most stressful places you can ever find yourselves in. Particularly when your job was taken from you, rather than surrendered by you.

After a really intense time in one job, the end of the contract arriving far too rapidly, and other jobs seemingly impossible to find – despite us being professionals in an area with a huge shortage – we entered a very troubling time as a family of unemployment.

As ever, however, God went ahead of us, and had us covered, and then some because, within a 12 month period, we had been blessed with three holidays.

Not one of them cost us any money!

Free Holiday One

The first holiday was really just a short break, and a chance to get away from a horrible situation in our home – the floor had been ripped up following a flood, and it had been taking months to arrange to be repaired. The house was truly, an awful place to be – so we used what little money we had left to arrange a few days somewhere that had a working floor and kitchen!

It was great, and the insurance company then paid us back for cost of that, so we didn’t lose out on anything but a little fuel to get there, for that much needed respite!

Free Holiday Two

A few months later we were invited, for 10 days, to stay with a minister and his wife to explore whether God may be calling us towards them, and the church towards us.

It was a fabulous time, but it also provided us with 10 days of being beyond-amazingly cared for, by two people who have since become close and very dear friends.

We also received a gift from the church for our efforts helping them with some children’s work, while we were there – which paid for our fuel.

Another holiday which cost us nothing but our time.

Free Holiday Three

A few months later and we’d been invited to another job interview, this time on the Isle of Wight. The interviews were across a weekend and so we were invited, as a whole family, to stay in a luxury holiday home while we were there that belonged to one of the people interviewing us: we had our ferry trips paid for and the fuel was already covered.

A third holiday, in less than 12 months, that cost us only our time.

This taught me a deeper level of a previously learned, and valuable lesson – you don’t need money to do what God is asking you to do!

Andy B

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