#TestimonyTuesday: Another miracle house move

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Moving house is expensive. REALLY expensive. Due to the joys of the housing market in the UK, a job market which can be quite unsettling, we’ve become far too expert at moving house. But, God has us covered for all that He asks us to do.

Another miracle house move

When we moved to our current home, we couldn’t afford it. Like, at all! God, however, doesn’t worry about His level of resources, especially for those who are His children!

We’d been trying to move for a while, knowing that we needed an area of the country where we could find cheaper housing and a better job for Jo. Living in the south of England is expensive!

When it came to it, Jo was actually head hunted for her current role. Her tremendous expertise, over 2 decades, in the field of Domestic Violence, was – I am sure – part of what drove her new employers to seek her out.

So we had a job, but no money to move, to a part of the UK we didn’t know, and didn’t know anyone. We didn’t have a house to live in either.

Scroll on a few weeks and we finally got a viewing for a home near Jo’s work, and arranged to go see it. This was a journey of many, many hours: we couldn’t afford the fuel for the trip either. Tight is a word we’ve grown used to, and God always provides where He Guides!

Having seen the house we now live in we went, straight away, to sort the paperwork – since the house was rather amazing and we knew many others would want it: we were the first to apply, and the only ones to  be considered.

We kept on packing and preparing, but still didn’t have the money to move. With such a very long drive, we had to consider the fuel we’d need, on top of the usual moving costs.

But, God had His hand on everything. Just as monies were needing to be paid out we received two, random, gifts of money. I say random, but they were really rather well planned by God. One of those gift givers had actually been wondering what to do with some extra money they had received, and passed it on to us. Just in time for another moving house bill that had to be paid!

God had always provided. Sums of money that might seem impossible to us, are just figures to God, and He has endless resources, so there is no need to fear, even when white knuckling it seems like the only option.

He has your life in His hands, so trust Him – even when deadlines are looming, and there is no sight of what you need.

He never lets us down!

Andy B

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  1. davidsdailydose

    26/07/2022 at 11:57

    Our fellow blogger Manette Kay posted today about how God gives us more than enough—there are often left overs!
    It sounds like your current home is above and beyond anything you hoped you’d find for the money. God will truly does equal God’s bill, as our other blogger friend Gary Fultz likes to say.

    It’s exciting to watch how the Lord is meeting your needs and every turn!

    • The BerryBunch

      26/07/2022 at 12:42

      We are so beyond blessed David,

      And you’re absolutely right. We knew what we desired in a home, and prayed about it. But were totally blown away by what God actually did.

      “God’s will equals God’s Bill”…I love this phrase!!

      Right now we know we’re in the home God chose for us. And we know Jo is in the job that God chose for her (and us).

      That makes certain other questions easier to answer, because we have two large building blocks so rooted in something we trust!

      (We know we should be doing the BerryBunch too, but that didn’t change with our move)

      Andy B

  2. Gospelroad#66

    26/07/2022 at 14:58

    That’s a great testimony of God’s provision! God always comes through in the end. Your faith has inspired me to trust more in God, I confess that these days I have not been trusting like I used to, but may that change! God bless brother 😊

    • The BerryBunch

      26/07/2022 at 16:52

      It’s reminding me, as I look ahead at some rather concerning things in the future, that I really don’t need to worry.

      How many times has God come through for us? And, yet, I still, all too easily, look down my feet and wonder if God has forgotten us this time……………

      You’re in good company sir! But, if one of our testimonies can rally the troops, then all the better. It’s all for God, and by God, anyway 😉

      This one is part of an unofficial series of 4 testimonies (so 3 more to come) about miracles we’ve seen in our lives in the past few years.

      Andy B

      • Gospelroad#66

        26/07/2022 at 21:55

        Yes it’s so easy to forget but God always come through in the end. Look forward to reading more testimonies. God bless brother 😊

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