#TestimonyTuesday: Food came to our empty cupboards

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God’s timing is always amazing. Sometimes it can throw you for a loop! This is a testimony about God filling the cupboards, right after we’d used the last food, and had no money for anymore.

Testimony: Food came to our empty cupboards

I’ve been reflecting, recently, on some of the times when we’ve been unemployed. And, as hard as they have been, they were also some of the most precious when it came to seeing God at work in our lives; through us; for us.

We had been struggling to pay for food for quite a while. A local church had been delivering food to us, thanks to their very kind minister.

A new friend was helping us with our car, and keeping that going to the many interviews we were being invited to! While we were paid expenses, it still required a working vehicle – and that isn’t easy while only receiving government benefits.

Our greatest problem was watching the food diminish in our cupboards.

At one point we had literally eaten our last bit of food. We had no money left to buy more, and the local church had been struggling with donations of food, so that had dried up a little too.

God, as ever, was already on the case.

I’d felt, for some time, that somebody had been prompted by the Holy Spirit to help us – by providing either money or food. Also, I felt really clearly that they had been ignoring what they had been asked to do, by God.

We had a random, totally out of the blue, message from a friend, who stated all of that. He had been praying about us, got angry that no one was helping us, and knew he had to do it himself instead. He wasn’t exactly flush with cash, and certainly wasn’t local. But, he went to the supermarket, filled his car with as much food as he could, and drove immediately over to see us.

We cried, I can tell you!

We now had food, toiletries, food, vegetables – enough for at least 2 weeks.

The icing on the cake, so to speak, was the envelope of cash he also gave to us as he was leaving.

He didn’t know I’d also been praying for the Lord to provide us with the necessary money, to cover our fuel – for a conference I had felt prompted I needed to attend.

I’d prayed for a very specific amount.

That is the exact amount he’d put in the envelope.

Andy B

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