#TestimonyTuesday – Hearing God’s Audible Voice

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Every Tuesday we’ll post a testimony with the hashtag #TestimonyTuesday.

It’s a great idea I was inspired to imitate, from another blogger. Testimonies are so powerful because they are truths from our life. I love reading them, and look forward to reading many more.

Testimonies are so wonderfully powerful!

This is another #TestimonyTuesday post from Andy B – two in a row!

Andy B loves Jesus, came to faith he was 7, had a difficult childhood,. He’s been married for 25 years to the love of his life – the perfect companion, friend, wife and mother to his 3 fabulous boys.

Today’s Testimony is simply one of God reaching in, tangibly, to the life of the child he loves.

The Berrybunch

Read on!


Hearing God’s Audible Voice

I was at Spring Harvest one time, and the evening worship event had come to a close. Spring Harvest is, probably, the longest running and largest Christian Festival in the United Kingdom, with multiple sites and tens of thousands of believers coming together to worship for a week, or so, each year.

As I sat there, nearly 16 years old, I was having a very deep encounter with God. It was simply beautiful. And, as I was crying out to God – and so very keenly aware of His love for me – I was thinking of my future and what it could, or should, look like, God spoke to me.

I’ve heard His voice many times over the years through other people, though nature, through scripture, through pictures or dreams, or words of knowledge from other people. I’ve had many of those over the years, but none of them were like this very tangible encounter with God.

I copy these words from the front page of my bible:

Spring Harvest : 1993 : 17th April

“You are my son””

“I love you!”

“I have always cared for you.”

“I have always been there for you.”

I cried, sobbed and wept that night – A LOT. When I shared what had happened, and what God had said, to some of the youth from my church, we went straight out and danced around the complex. We were all filled with a joy I’ve never since experienced to quite that level.

God spoke to me in a way I could not mistake, with His own voice! I turned around to see who was talking to me – the nearest person was at least 50 feet away.

God spoke to me and it wasn’t just in my mind or in my head. It wasn’t just my thoughts. It was a very and audible male voice: I’ve never forgotten what God did for me on that day, and what He spoke into my ears, mind and heart.

Those words were ones I needed to hear because my parents had both been absent from my life, either physically or emotionally, and often both.

And yet God never leaves us nor forsakes us. He is the perfect parent, the perfect Father. That is His nature.

He truly is love and I hope you know that too!

Andy B

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    • BerryBunch.family

      29/03/2022 at 16:16

      it’s a moment i still cherish… hearing the actual voice of God, in an audible way, overwhelming then, and it is still feels overwhelming when I recall it today!

      Andy b

  1. Alan Kearns

    29/03/2022 at 19:44

    What a precious moment Andy , the fact it is ingrained in your memory to bring you closer to Him is the evidence of His Holy Spirit working in and through you. “To God be the glory, great things He has done!”

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