#TestimonyTuesday – Lost and Found

Every Tuesday we’ll post a testimony with the hashtag #TestimonyTuesday. We love testimonies because they are such a powerful statement of a living God at work today!

Peter's rabbit on the washing line

The following testimony comes from Peter – the youngest of the Berry Bunch, and his uplifting story that shows how God truly cares for every details of our lives, whatever our age!

Peter is the joy bringer and joy giver in our family. He has an effervescent energy and zest for life which spoils out of everything he does and is.

Lost and Found

A few years ago, when I was about four years old, I lost something very precious to me – Bunny!

I have had Bunny all my life, a gift when I was born, he went everywhere with me, and I cuddled up with him at night-time. Bunny is a cuddly, soft, white rabbit and I still have him today.

One day when my family and I went shopping I put Bunny down on a table whilst I was looking at a catalogue in a shop and without knowing I left him behind when we left that shop. When I was in the car, about to go home I suddenly realised that Bunny was no longer with me. Straight away I was worried and looked around for him and looked inside my Mum’s rucksack, but he was nowhere to be found.

I was so upset that I had lost my favourite teddy, that I had messed up by leaving him behind and that I might not see him again. In this state of worry and sadness, I heard in my head a deep voice surrounded by thunder. The voice sounded very authoritative and said:

“He is in the shop”

At the same time as the voice spoke a specific shop came to my mind. God spoke to me, he told me where my Bunny could be found. I returned to the shops with my Mum and found Bunny where I had left him in the shop that came to mind. It all came back to me, where I had put Bunny.

Then I knew that God cared about the little things in my life. I had read in the bible that God was interested in the little things but at that time I didn’t think much on this until this experience of losing and finding my Bunny.

I believe God wanted to teach me, for real, that he cares for the little things in my life. And that helps me today.


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  1. Excellent testimony Peter! Isn’t our God magnificent in how He cares for us in many ways. May He continue to guide and bless you each day my wee brother.

    1. Amen – I’ll make sure Peter sees your kind words later!

      Andy B

      1. You and Jo have raised a lovely Godly family brother, I am sure it puts a smile on Father God’s face.

    2. Thank you, I often think about how God cares for the little things in life, and I don’t think I would believe God cares about the little things if I hadn’t lost my Bunny.


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