#TestimonyTuesday – The Greatest Mission Ever

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Every Tuesday we’ll post a testimony with the hashtag #TestimonyTuesday.

It’s a great idea I was inspired to imitate, from another blogger. Testimonies are so powerful because they are truths from our life. I love reading them, and look forward to reading many more.

Testimonies are so wonderfully powerful!

Today’s testimony is from a friend I’ve made, and a brother in Christ – from over the pond. David writes at his blog – David’s Daily Dose. All I can say is go check out his blog.

In his About Us section, he writes this:

I’m just a regular guy who was tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

I like to help and encourage people; that’s why I started this blog. Sharing positive thoughts from a Christian perspective is my goal, yet without being too preachy or judgmental.

Finally, I don’t want to waste your time. So all of my posts pretty much get straight to the point–with no extra verbiage.

I think this perfectly sums up why I enjoy reading his blog posts so very much!

I always find his posts so very nourishing and uplifting. He is such an encourager!! His last post – that I read – was called “From Stewing to Doing” and I’m still reflecting on some of the wonderful truths he draws out through it.

Andy B

Read on!

The Greatest Mission Ever

Our twenty something year old son has bipolar disorder. He’d been doing well and flew to visit his grandmother over Christmas. We thought he would be fine.

The telephone call came shortly after the New Year: “H has gone manic!” For those of you who are not familiar, bipolar disorder is characterized by frenzied thoughts and behavior which is often followed by depression. Literally, a person with this mental exceptionality goes from “pole to pole.”

Within a week’s time, our son’s mania had crested; he seemed to be doing much better. We anxiously awaited his flight home, knowing he would need to change planes halfway through the 900-mile journey. We prayed the night before: “Lord, please help H get safely home!” Yet the call came the next afternoon—he had not made his connecting flight.

A slew of frantic texts and phone calls went out to him. He did not answer. Our son, still manic, was somewhere in a major airport of a faraway city, and we could not reach him. His stepmother and I filed a report with the airport police and booked a flight for the next day. We had to find him. But how?

The call came at midnight: “This is officer Morton with the airport police. I’m here with your son.”  “Thank God!” I almost shouted into the phone. We arrived the next day, checked H out of a psychiatric unit, and escorted him home.

Remember how we asked God to bring our son to safety? I didn’t realize it at the time, but He intended for us to be part of the answer. There were moments, during our 72-hour rescue mission, when I felt far outside my comfort zone. Yet God cleared the way around every obstacle we faced! His strength and His provision allowed us to complete the most important intervention of our lives.


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  1. davidsdailydose

    22/02/2022 at 15:21

    Thank you for your kind words, Andy. I appreciate the opportunity to share my Tuesday testimony here on your blog. I am grateful that you encouraged folks to check out my little corner of the blogosphere. Blessings!

    • BerryBunch.family

      22/02/2022 at 15:24

      You’re more than welcome.

      Testimonies are universal, and I love them dearly!

      Thanks for being our first guest post for #TestimonyTuesday.

      Couldn’t not say something about you though.

      Andy B

  2. Alan Kearns

    22/02/2022 at 16:50

    I agree with your accurate praise of David’s devotionals, they truly are jewels for the seeking Saint. Thank you for sharing an action packed testimony illustrating our Father’s hand in our times of crisis. Praise the Lord all ended well.

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