The Lord is my Shepherd I’ll not want

I read some chapters from the Book of Acts this morning – Acts 24-26. Paul appears before Felix who wanted to please the Jews, so he left Paul in chains in prison for two years and was then succeeded by Festus. Paul appears before Festus and then Agrippa. Both Festus and Agrippa agreed that Paul had not done anything worthy of death or imprisonment, but because Paul appealed to Caesar, he couldn’t be set free.

Wow, Paul gets to share his testimony with some important people! I guess that was God’s plan in all this.

I’m reading a book again called, ‘Travelling Light’ by Max Lucado and he talks of the Prison of want. If we think we will be happy when something happens or we get something in our lives, like get married, get healed, get promoted, get rich or whatever – we are ‘sleeping in a cold cell of discontent’ and we ourselves, like Paul, are in prison. We need to know who our God is – A God who hears, A God who loves us – the Holy Spirit is within us and we have the hope of heaven, cool!

Paul says in 1 Timothy 6:6:

‘But godliness with contentment is great gain’

And Psalm 23 says:

‘The Lord is my shepherd I’ll not want’

Paul talks about how he learnt to be content whether rich or poor and he certainly found all he needed in Christ to face lengthy imprisonment and so many trials.

Do we know our God well enough to face our own trials with such confidence and peace? And are we imprisoned by discontentment or truly free in Christ?


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