The Policeman is sent by God to help you (Romans 13:4)

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It was sad yesterday to hear leaked information which brought dishonour to the Police and questioned their skill, judgment and integrity on the same day of the announcement of discussions to look at cutting Police pay, sacking Police officers if they fail their fitness test and increasing their retirement age to 60. This was clearly no coincidence as politicians use the media to gain public support. I think we need to remember the importance of our police officers and value them for the work they all do to protect us at the risk to their own lives. I’m sure that leaking information to discredit the Police and then placing further pressures on officer’s lives is not the way we show our appreciation of our serving police officers. In Romans 13:1-7, it talks of obedience to government and Romans 13:4 says: ‘The policeman is sent by God to help you’. The police officers in our communities are agents of God and we need to give them our support.

It was heartbreaking to hear of the tragic death of PC David Rathband at the end of February this year. PC Rathband was on duty in July 2010 when he was shot and blinded by gunman Raoul Moat. I listened to interview he gave in September 2011 where he discussed his real struggle with coping with blindness and shares concerns around the lack of support. PC Rathband explained that it was months before he got any help from social services, there was no immediate early intervention to support him and it was always difficult to assess the right help. It took the officer months to find a counsellor who specialised in trauma for the emergency services.

Heavenly father, please help us to support our police officers.


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